Hey man you live in a dream!

According to two British scientists the world we are living in is a mere simulation, the creation of some mega-supercomputer somewhere. Aside from the metaphorical value of this affirmation, nice riddle to mess your head up!

Then, a study that claims severe emotional distress can speed up body's aging.

Also featuring, more news on the prolongation of life.

Check how the “belly boom” is rapidly spreading: Brad Pitt is anxious about having children, Gwyneth Paltrow wants to cook and be a mom, and finally read this letter where Britney says she also wants kids.

University news

Universities worry over teen suicide rates.


Scientists have just devised a “smartwatch” to help keep track of memories so that we don’t forget about things.

Job perspective

Mothers will win the right to a year's paid leave.

Social addictions

Marijuana may trigger psychotic symptoms in adolescence.

And it seems that getting in the “holiday mood” is not that easy for many people…

Get more scoops on the way Internet is influencing social interaction.

Recent books that speak of the disintegration of family, are blaming working parents for a generation of apathetic and lazy children, labeled as the “slob generation”.

What kind of message would you send to an alien?

December 14th, Wednesday, 2004, Ip nº 100.

Editorial: 100 steps towards the charmed pursuit by Carlos Lavagnino, Chair, Riorevuelto.

From its beginnings almost 11 years ago, Riorevuelto have always had sympathy for fanciful collections of certain world visuals... Read more.

Thinking outside the cluster
The 6 Myths Of Creativity

The following article dishes on the creativity matter, discussing some of the myths behind the creative process. It explains for instance how money and time pressure aren't that of a push for creativity as previously though, and also why negative emotions and fears not always lead to inspiration. Moreover, the article proposes a most interesting notion, which is that there aren't creative types determining who can come up with good ideas. And if you think about it, perhaps some of our daily dilemmas rest precisely in the fact we don't believe us capable of affecting reality, and consider the world as something that may be creatively improved and mold as we please.


The recyclable life
Making Movies for the Ages, All Ages

Do you sometimes get the impression that we are experiencing a sort of "cultural slow down"? The following piece may support this idea by showing how people rescue certain life stages such as childhood. The fact that adults behave more like kids than before, that the parenting culture is fomenting a sort of child-parent symbiosis at least peculiar, and even that entertainment industry is paying attention to the nostalgia of the grown ups, are some examples of this trend. Could it be that adulthood, either you have children or not, is becoming increasingly deficient to "fill" the years to come? As if keeping up with life was more difficult in a continuously expanding time scenario.


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