May the d-force be with you

It would seem that divorce is pretty naturalized these days with the “break-up parties” getting popular, and states blaming it for the destruction of family. Now, if the crisis is so obvious why keeping marrying then?

Movie Review: Sideways by Rodolfo Paparás

It is interesting to see in Alexander Payne’s latest movie a new incursion into the topics already portrayed in his previous works ("Election" 1999, "About Schmidt" 2002). Continue reading...

UK scientists are testing MRI scanners on people as a method for driving depression away.

And read about the key role nutrition plays in longevity.


And doctors keep triying to understand the marrow-to-heart therapy.

Nicole Kidman seems to be losing it, really.

Privacy Issues

Read on the new pro-privacy legislation.

Culture in ads

A state judge ruled that California's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.

Social addictions

Afterwards take a look at the dilemma UK is facing in the matter of antidepressants´ prescriptions, which have caused many people battling with depression get hang on them.

Sneak a peek into the world of the “crazy mommies”, a whole generation of women driven by guilt.

Then take a look at the hyper connected and multifaceted youngsters of today. (Washington Post registration required).

Take notice of one of the first galactic runaways...

And check this new view of our early universe in its beginnings.

March 16th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 101.

Education? No thanks, I pass
Commentary: What's Wrong With American High Schools

The first comment of the Ip is devoted to a couple of articles that discuss the fallacies of education as it is thought nowadays, in the sense that it doesn't prepare people to face either work or life. Through an editorial written by Bill Gates you'll be able to glance at some of the problems US education presents -at the point of being considered obsolete and unable to provide a decent workforce for the future. It would seem as if education -at all levels- would be out of touch with today's necessities, and probably is because its foundations are set for past times.

Plus, Scottish universities are starting to realise that sharing information opposite to monopolizing knowledge is the way to go, and therefore are making their academic research freely available.

Then, check some relevant figures on the productivity of college these days.

Finally a piece on the academic debt, which gives you and idea of the economical incidence education as it is conceived has on students and their families.

Not the kind of adult you would expect
Grow Up? Not So Fast

The next piece is an interesting portrait of a popular phenomenon: the late coming to what is conventionally called adulthood -graduating from college, settling into careers and buying a house. This cultural displacement is explained as an ongoing and therefore unfinished search for a life path. But all this soul-search may not help if the prior axiom seems to be to settle for something and stick to it no matter what. Perhaps people is realizing finding (and having) the kind of life they want is somehow more frightening than any of the so-called "adult responsibilities" they may face.

But "twixters" aren´t only an American phenomenon...


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