Make up your map

A new phenomenon is arriving to the world of publishing: “mind mapping”, which is based on the efficient organizing of one’s ideas and life.

What you do for your heart may be good for your brain

Read more on the one of the most-talked about scientific conundrums: the placebo effect.


And Scientists have managed to grow human stem cells without using any animal cells that might contaminate them.

Afterwards Bjork talks about war and politics, balancing family and work, and how she sees her life in the years to come.

Culture in ads

In the wake of the recent ruling in California conservative groups have started to bombard us with their manifesto of the “natural family”.

Social addictions

Scientists say cannabis consumption in the early years increases the possibilities of suffering psychosis.

Creative predisposition

Forget about the author’s critique, the personal view, and welcome the new logic of “definition-by-association”...

Showbiz news

Net specialists (and probably net users as well) are worrying over the new anti-swapping legislation.

Unfortunately online newspapers may be thinking in changing their strategy when it comes to online publishing.

Astronomers said last week they had seen for the first time planets beyond the solar system.

March 30th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 102.

Forget about blaming your ancestors!
Startling Scientists, Plant Fixes Its Flawed Gene

A new scientific breakthrough offers us a nice metaphor on cultural inheritance and personal renovation, when geneticists discover that certain plants (and possibly other organisms, maybe even humans) have somehow bypassed the laws of inheritance. The discovery suggests that a living organism can change an inherited defective gene to his advantage, reverting this way the legacy path, and allowing us to fantasize with other triumph: the overcoming of the cultural vices.

Also take a look at this other article where it mentions stress as one of the possible factors of gene correction.

Can I take that banana from your trash? You filthy capitalist!
"The Freegans"

Why buy food if you can search the garbage? Why bother in working or producing anything? And why paying for travelling or even housing? Sneak a peek into the freegans´ world, people so concern with "the impact of economic over-consumption" that they've almost became modern cavemen. And though their ideas -and the scope of their action- may be questionable, it would be also interesting to ask: why the desire of affecting the reality got so separated from personal growth and well being? After all changing the world doesn't involve only one lane of improvement, does it?

Appeared in Time Magazine.
The poll was conducted by telephone Nov 1-4, 2004, among 601 adults ages 18 to 29 by SRBI Public Affairs.

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