Be patriotic enough

With the Army having fallen short of recruitment goals a military draft could be reinstalled...

Scientists are studying dedifferentiation –the process in which a cell reverts to an early version of itself.

And logenvity may be closer than we think, we just have to stay healthy for 25 years more.

Sean Penn is just “burned out” after shooting his latest movie, and will take a break.

Privacy issues

You thought spring-cleaning was hard, try restructuring the FBI.

Creative predisposition

Sneak a peek into the latest convention on copyrights and creative issues.

University news

American universities once considered the dominant force in the information technology world, are now somehow lagging behind.


Finally, are our brains prepared for multitasking?

Classic phylosophy continues to leak into daily life through more contemporary examples.

Scientists are digging deep to uncover earth’s mysteries.

April 13th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 104.

University vs. post academic life: let the competition begin!
Mind the Gap

First check an article of how the university is giving up its role in the intellectual life as a source of knowledge and innovation, and on the growth of a new bevy of "post academic thinkers". The piece is really interesting not only because it challenges how people are educated, but also how they innovate and integrate knowledge and life projects with the real world -which would seem to be the main dilemma. This is the kind of trends that allow us to visualize more pragmatic and sustainable ways of developing our skills and interact.

And it appears not only intellectuals and scientists are trying to find a more "down to earth" approach to their ideas, artists are also looking forward to applying creative design to daily social and organizational problems.

Switching the survival mode on
All work, no play

The next piece helps portraying one of the ghosts that haunt people: subsistence in the golden years, a lingering worry indulged by this culture that many times can affect our life decisions. Because having a retirement strategy may imply more than it seems. It may be intertwined with the way we see ourselves in terms of capacity, or with how we do our jobs, or even with our creativity. But mainly putting oneself in a "retirement mode" may seem to bring people closer to a resign from life.

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