Every person needs social security, even artists

Take a look at a new initiative that aims at protecting artists in need: an “art fund” that provides them a pension for the golden years.

Sugar could help in treating widespread tumors.


The race to start testing stem-cells in humans has already began.

Afterwards, Britney Spears is filling her days with a TV show and the upbringing of a baby.

Social addictions

New scientific evidence suggests talk therapy can be more effective than chemicals.

And experts say overmedication keeps growing in the US.

Job perspective

Americans are overworked and struggling to find a meaning to their jobs...

Welfare crisis

Sneak a peek into this new section featuring data on the recent Europe’s ageing boom.

University news

An elaborate MIT students prank evidenced academy’s flaws.

Check out the modern conventions of male friendship.

Finally, are we living in a big never-ending loop?

April 20th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 105.

You have plenty of time to become boring, so now just relax
Delaying the real world

Take a look at the book "Delaying the Real World", a guide for people in their twenties that would rather take an unconventional path instead of living a monotonous post-graduation life. In this spirit youngsters are encouraged to take at least one year off to pursue adventure and experimentation, escaping dull routine. But, what does it mean to experience a different kind of life -does training seals in Alaska really count? And is there any value in unconventionality per se?

Gloomy doesn't always mean more creative
There's Nothing Deep About Depression

And afterwards read an essay about the widespread cultural perception that depression and melancholy may have benign results in our creative process. The piece dives into the historical and cultural reasons of this view, and reinforces the idea that people's vision of disease (be it positive or negative) might be related with unresolved cultural dilemmas. Perhaps one of them is how we get inspired and manage to be prolific through our lives…


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