Doctors can’t handle people

It is well known that in order to become a doctor you have to bear certain knowledge, but is that all there is to it? Find out more on the 'cinemeducation'...

Scientists have created a mouse that could wipe out free radicals, and therefore live longer.

Get the latest on the Alzheimer’s vaccine.

Privacy issues

Ads target us really bad.

Creative predisposition

And check the new cycle of TV where old shows make a comeback. So now instead of creating a new show, you can revive an old one.

Showbiz news

The FCC is looking to restrict our capability to copy and share.


Plus, science continues to peep inside our brains...

Social addictions

UK authorities are rethinking their policy on cannabis consumption.

How far will tech phobia go? Meet the new “anti-clutter” advocates...

Read on the latest fertility improvements which will enable women to delay motherhood up to 12 years, in order to pursue other things.

Brace yourself because scientists are saying life in Mars is probable.

Lastly, astronomers discover Saturn moon's atmosphere is full of organic material.

May 11th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 108.

I will have to wait till the next crisis
Midlife Crisis? Bring It On!

A recent Times´ report tells us to ditch the old idea that a midlife crisis is a hideous and unproductive thing. What the article doesn't tell us is that we don't have to wait till 40 to question our elections and redirect our lives -in fact it seems to be saying there's no qualitative difference between a good and a bad life planning since we can always begin again. Besides, why is that most of the reactions to a crisis involve dedicating one's life to others? Does it have something to do with the uncomfortable job of thinking of oneself?,8816,1059032,00.html
Routines aren't that bad, but don't turn them into your life
Wake Up. Wash Face. Do Routine. Now Paint.

Have you ever wondered how do pressure and routine affect our creativity? The next couple of pieces talk precisely about the relation between routine and inspiration in the case of artists, and about how deadlines may affect writers in a NY based experiment. Interestingly enough, the material also enables us to reflect on some of the vices of the art world: the way routines -in the form of jobs- take over artists' lives, and the way these people live while they create, often reliant on isolation.

Would You, Could You in a Box? (Write, That Is.)

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