Don’t steal us the knowledge

The fears that search engines may become the gatekeepers of culture are pushing the old continent to digitize all of its books before Google completes its own virtual library.

Water can be our best ally when it comes to wipe out single-celled organisms.

A new study is providing good news for breast cancer patients. (NYT registration required)

Privacy issues

Next time you want to get some data on your new neighbor (lets say, cell phone numbers or satellite photos of their homes) you can try

Showbiz news

Even if piracy grows it wouldn’t have to be negative for the retailers or the musicians. Find out why, here.

Social addictions

ADHD drugs arrive to the workplace. Read it next.

Creative predisposition

Continue reading on the interesting case Peter D. Kramer, author of "Listening to Prozac, makes of depression.

Culture in ads

And the cultural discussion on motherhood and career moves to political ground as working mothers ask for more help from the state.

Sneak a peek into the world of the generation Y, young people who aim at getting meaning from their jobs...

MIT students are throwing a “time travelers convention”. Check it out!

May 18th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 109.

The age of the self-peeking
Once More, With Feeling

The current climate of innocuousness that reigns today's cultural scene seems to be causing movie attendance to fall, and TV viewers to ditch average sitcoms in search of 24-like entertainment. There also seems to be a difficulty to tackle relevant issues such as the post Sept-11 panorama, but the problem may not be a matter of adaptation to new settings, but of inspiration. Does this "creative burnout" and continuous self-reference make it harder to deal with contemporary dilemmas?

Take a look at how Hollywood deals with the Sept 11 aftermath.

"Hollywood Has a New Hot Agency"

"How to Make a Movie About 9/11? Carefully"
Friendship is great, but what are you doing to get it?
Our innate need for friendship

Even when the health benefits of friendship are not news, scientists are just now discovering that being connected to a supportive network affects deeply the health of both genders. The following article expands on this topic, as well as explaining the interesting fact that even married people need of more relationships in their lives besides their couples. The piece leads us to reflect on the real value given to friendship these days, on the preponderance of coupling, and on how much of our daily resources we spend in creating meaningful bonds.

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