Study it, live it, it’s history

New simulation programs that recreate the Civil War are being used to teach students history lessons, offering a more vivid view of slavery. So now you would be able to experience history in real flesh!

Learn how a low-fat diet could have an impact on breast cancer. (NYT registration required)

An interesting new theory proposes that one of the main causes for our deterioration is the accumulation of toxins our bodies don’t throw away.

Check out the following interview to Chris Martin about the arduous recording of Coldplay´s latest album...

Privacy issues

Find out how Johns Hopkins University students became data-brokers themselves to prove the weakness of public systems.

Creative predisposition

Movie audiences are running off the theatres.

And the TV networks are launching their new fall schedules, but you may end up seeing the same shows all over again.

Showbiz news

Then, LA researchers are developing an insane new system to protect DVDs against piracy.

A poor US image abroad coupled with concerns about visa and security hassles is keeping international visitors away.

After, Blogs become an integral part of college life as universities encourage students to log in and blog.

A new phase of planetary exploration opens up.

NASA has spotted a previously unseen moon hiding in a gap between Saturn's rings.

Finally, the Earth is getting brighter and nobody knows why.

May 26th, Thursday, 2005, Ip nº 110.

Girls got it first?
Friend - splits

A recent wave of material on women's friendship let us continue the discussion on the role of friends today: from books that expose the hardships of friend-splits comparing them to romantic splits, to the ones addressing the difficulties of making friendship and family fit in. Still the question of why woman have friendship more nailed down than men keeps popping up. Was the quiet despair maternity brings, or the struggle to succeed in the professional arena what led women to get "extra support" aside their partners? What a single boy ought to do, then?

"The friendship crisis"

Take a look at some new books on this topic.

"New books explore role of friendship among women"

The revenge of the so-called artists and "amateur professionals"
Now, Audio Blogs for Those Who Aspire to Be D.J.'s

The proliferation of the "do it yourself culture", which is allowing common people to reach certain tools previously inaccessible to them, is producing quite an effect in the art world, and in the way culture is produced and consumed. With the coming of blogs, podcasting, and even "citizen journalism", the line between producers and consumers gets blurry. The costs for art as a language may be evident, becoming less relevant the more extended it gets. As for culture in general, this also means a fast-growing group of people emulating the features (and limitations) of professionals.

"For $1 you, too, can be an executive producer"

"Is 'CraigsNews' Coming Soon?"

Appeared in The Globe and Mail.

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