Wanna check my band?

Forget about friends and welcome the fans. The new hot social-networking site is a music-orientated community where you can create music and publicize your own band. Gone are the days when people relate through other things but art?

Check how biotechnology is changing medicine for good.

And read on new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder.


Find all about the "stembrid" method for cloning.

The highly successful comedian David Chappelle gets time off TV in order to do all those things that he wasn’t able to do before...

Privacy issues

Biometric scanning is a step closer to reality. Read it next.

Memory boom

According to researchers the more information we get the more difficult is to remember –or at least for certain types of memory.


Get to know how to improve your mental abilities in the following New Scientist’s special on brain boosters.

Showbiz news

Hollywood aims at benefiting from illegal file sharing.

The “boomerang generation” comes to live with mom and dad in a retirement community in order to save some money.

Then Australian researchers discover a new planet in the Milky Way. They believe this it's just the beginning.

June 8th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 112.

Crash course in how not to waste time
Degree devaluation, from Lucky Jim to Average Joe

Take a look at this article on the waning value of the university degree that explains the disappearance of the pay gap among graduates and non-graduates, and why college can't provide students the necessary skills to face the changing economy. In light of this, some are suggesting shorter careers or even skipping studies altogether. It would seem that now students can't be soothed with the certainty of having a place in the job market, the perspective of being in school for many years appears unproductive.

Does creativity have to end?
...When I'm (One Hundred and) Sixty-Four

Then check a piece about the relation between the vital cycle and the creative cycle, which let us question if notions such as "creative peak" apply in today's time-expanding scenario. The velocity of the information flow and human's biological decline seem to indicate innovation has its limits. But perhaps creative limitations have more to do with the loss of enthusiasm and the life models we take (married life, kids, etc), than with any other thing. It makes sense then that a culture that has a hard time finding reasons to prolong life cannot foresee longer periods of creativity.


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