Flourishing family values

Do you want to know which show 6 millions of north Americans watch religiously every Sunday? A reality show about family life, though supposedly an odd one, The Osbournes, offers from its commercial cuts the same basic formula as "Little House on the Prairie", but adding a bit of human stupidity.
Mixed business

We've seen art taking rather twisted and eccentric forms of expression…

But if you thought you had seen everything, think again.

A New York artist is presenting a display with her reproductive eggs, that also works as a marketing strategy to promote herself as drawn to the desire to start a family.

More info on what's becoming one of the biggest problems of Americans' mature and adolescent people: obesity .

Plus, a new drug is being tested on cancer.

And Euthanasia is now ruling in Netherlands, that have thus become the first country to consider it a legal action.
Cyborg technology that allows the nervous system to be linked to a computer is being tested for the first time on humans.
Plus, genome map of rice unraveled.

..Or the articles you have to read to believe.
A husband claim for his wife's body.
Tricky profession
Tradition versus own wishes in a snaky issue.

Bad times
Go to this link, to see a study on people´s rudeness .

   Thursday 11th April, 2002, ip nº12
New generation: a different struggle
Debate? Dissent? Discussion? Oh, Don't Go There!

According to this piece, today's teenagers are less prone to discussion or to be intellectually challenged, and unable to interpret reality and form an opinion, opposed to previous generations…

The author also suggests Millennials seem more at peace with the idea of being just one more of the pack rather than assuming their individuality and their own needs together with all that implies.

It's funny how in times of democracy and tolerance, when different views should flourish, a climate of lack of expression, boredom and passivity seems to prevail…

Perhaps people don't find anything exciting enough in this reality to commit themselves to… perhaps this finding requires a deeper search or a wider inventiveness.
Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/23/arts/23STUD.html?todaysheadlines
That lost territory
A medicine for the melancholic

The following fragments are taken from a film review. They are all characterized by the veneration of infancy as an ideal state which, if extended for the rest of someone's life, could recreate something very close to happiness.

Keep your attention on the director's idiosyncrasy and his nostalgic vision of life's stages.

Perhaps it may remind us of someone or even of ourselves feeling that way, and make us understand what is so great about being a child.
Link: http://www.riorevuelto.org/site/ip/ventana.php?id_articulo=988
A rough diamond
Is the world more dangerous?

In a way continuing with the idea of disaffection regarding life and lack of enthusiasm, I ran into some elements that reaffirmed my impression of the surrounding alienation, the distrust and fears of the world, and therefore the conception of it as a damaging and unsafe place.

Take for example this brief article, that while referring to a specific issue (technology devices used to warn people), speaks eloquently about people's behavior regarding their security and how they picture the place they live and work.
Link: http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/ptech/04/01/travel

Then two more things that passed by my sight last week, which I think could help complete the idea.

On the one side, a link to a special feature of Bjork´s site, chosen for the appeal to shield yourself from the outside, in search for a safer and more stable setting. There you'll find lyrics and the video's trailer of her last song "Cocoon", along with some comments on it.
Link: http://unit.bjork.com/specials/cocoon/

And then a new film called Panic Room, whose story line seemed a great metaphor of what people feel concerning the world and the way to deal with it.
Link: http://www.riorevuelto.org/site/ip/ventana.php?id_articulo=3907

Afterwards, since your relationships are also an indicator of personal attitude towards life, take a look at this provocative study on autism. It shows that many people who work in some of the top companies in the country have experimented or currently has social skills related problems.
Link: http://www.riorevuelto.org/site/ip/ventana.php?id_articulo=3908
I'm only a musician, don't shoot!
Lorenzo the Great

Here's an interview to Jovanotti, where he speaks naively about violence as the worst problem of our times, embarks himself in a pro-globalization speech that ends resembling any other worn anti-globalization discourse, falls in love with the idea of canceling the debt and humbly claims to be only a musician…

Bon appétit!
Link: http://www.riorevuelto.org/site/ip/ventana.php?id_articulo=3909

9 Chickweed Lane, by Brooke McEldowney, April 04, 2002.

A matter of bonds
Here data on the Catholic Church's sexual scandals, people's reaction and the institutional questions that raised.
They just can't get enough
Two short stories about U.S. government measures and its avid controlling behavior.
First, U.S. government trains cyber defenders , in their never-ending battle against terrorism.
Then initiates a litigation to install Internet filtering software in national libraries.

Error margin or..what the hell !?
Another sizable asteroid zipped near our planet this month without anyone noticing, so c´mon guys a little attention there!
By the way, it seems that the earth's expiration date's already been specified.
Far away, some day..
And sun ring could point the way to distant planet systems.

"A part of the American college culture"
Binge drinking on college campuses, a common thing.
More on its repercussions.
That old custom
Marriage loses territory in the old continent.

What you see is not always what you get
This may be the prototype for the killer app in portable computing. It's called augmented reality and it alters how we see the world.
Puffy eyes
They've been circling for a while the collective imaginary, but they are just now starting to get more attention; with their original story lines, funny-perky characters, and a high level of sexuality, anime is here to stay.