Misunderstanding the single experience

Check out the "ageing party girls" (APG), who are women in their mid-thirties that have chosen partying over having family and kids. Shame the only benefit these girls recognize in single life is the freedom to get wasted…

New research showed that people might be induced to dislike certain types of food, like ice cream for instance, making them diet this way.

And bacteria could give us a hand delivering antibiotics. Read it next.

Madonna talks about her intended seclusion to favor both her art and personal life, showing us once more artists’ tangible state of disconnection.

Privacy issues

Next time you are in a plane and about to use your laptop consider the fact that the FBI could be wiretapping you.

Social addictions

Take a dive into a Newsweek’s special on America’s most dangerous drug: the methamphetamine.


And scientists say they have been able to monitor people's thoughts via scan. Find out more here.

Showbiz news

Read about the transformation of music video from its beginnings till now.

Know all about the flourishing business of immortality.

Afterwards, the International Space Station is planning rocketing people around the far side of the moon. Taking about extreme vacations…

August 17th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 122.

Fall in love with a girl
She's So Cool, So Smart, So Beautiful: Must Be a Girl Crush

Does that girl seem incredibly cool or really smart to you? Then, you may have a "girl crush". Platonic infatuation between heterosexual women has been around for a long time cementing bonds, but it's just now that they are being expressed more openly. Interestingly enough girl crushes allow us to talk about friendship in a way that was previously reserved for romantic relationships only, putting it at the same level. Furthermore, scientists say that these crushes display similar symptoms than those of common love. May this new way of conceiving friends affect current ideas and attitudes?


Has art finally lost its bite?
Liked the Movie, Loved the Megaplex

Lately it would seem that the buzz around artists and the way they live was more important than art itself. As if, paradoxically, movies or records were mere fabrications that couldn't tell interesting things about life to the audiences. At the same time, the burnout behind conventional outings and the growing popularity of video and alternative reality games, show the whole concept behind entertainment industry may be a bit old-fashioned. In a way people appear to be looking for something more credible, closer to real life both experientially and intellectually. So if art can't go there, what's next?

Check what Hollywood is up to for drawing audiences to the cinema.


Plus, peek on a review about the latest alternative reality games (ARG) out there.


Appeared in The Globe and Mail

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