They knew what was coming

According to a recent article experts had predicted everything of what has happened in New Orleans. So, why Katrina caught US authorities so unprepared?

Scientists say they have found a way to boost body's immune system and ward off cancer.

Plus, find out why the psychological outlook is as important as a good diet when it comes to the heart.

After all the wanting and waiting, Britney seems to be having the baby blues.

Privacy issues

The Dutch government gets invasive.

Creative predisposition

Will documentaries save cinema from its creative slope?

Showbiz news

Cancelled series and old TV shows find an afterlife thanks to the variety of emerging technology platforms.

Social addictions

And the use of A.D.H.D drugs in younger adults doubles from 2000 to 2004.

Then, students' interest in computer science continues its decline while some universities open “gaming courses”.

Finally, astronomers have spotted an unexpected disc of young stars surrounding the black hole harbored at Andromeda galaxy.

September 28th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 128.

When it comes to culture, left is as good or bad as right
Childless slur could cost Merkel winning margin

As the debate over the German elections continues, culture starts to leak through politics, and Angela Merkel´s childless status is strongly criticized. The next articles appear as a proof of the impact of issues such as how we live, and how we balance work and personal life, even if what it's at stake is of a political nature. The material also suggests ideological sides are by no means representative of a person's cultural positioning (after all the attack came from a party one would think of being more liberal). Are politicians finally bringing underlying discussions to the surface? Or it's just a campaign lapsus?


"Doris lowers the tone with attack on childless Merkel"

Dealing with extreme situations without losing one's insight
Terrorists Don't Do Movie Plots

Afterwards check two pieces on the importance of refining our prediction and response systems when dealing with the unexpected. It seems that in times of natural catastrophes and imminent terrorist attacks people are beginning to notice being prepared for the specific doesn't always work, and most of the time a broader look of reality can be very useful. On the other hand, a more subtle dilemma would seem to be how to prepare oneself for the worst (and be ready to face any contingency) without installing a "survivor logic" in all of our doings.,1367,68789,00.html


"In Plans to Evacuate U.S. Cities, Chance for Havoc",1518,376591,00.html


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