Holy climatic mess!

Are we heading to an age of unprecedented natural disasters? Experts predict that places such as the US may be hit by more Katrina-like catastrophes. Read it next.

Find out how progress in reproductive medicine has spurred a significant delay in childbearing.

Then, it seems sleep habits may be encoded in our genes.

Social addictions

According to recent studies the rise in house prices may be the cause of binge drinking in the UK.
Showbiz news

Music companies are experimenting with instantly available CDs of live concerts in order to fight piracy.

Creative predisposition

Funnily enough studio executives are just now taking responsibility for the box office slump.

Plus, the Harry Potter phenomenon keeps sweeping everybody off their feet, probing fantasy seems to be the order of the day.

Privacy news

And South Korea plans to build the world's largest "ubiquitous city"...

A new survey showed that men under 25 are choosing web surf, instant messaging and console gaming over cinema.

The European Space Agency is set to launch a spacecraft to Venus. Get more data ahead.

October 12th, Wednesday, 2005, Ip nº 130

Another view of our idea of happiness
Motherhood offers a new perspective

Sneak a peek at these recent interviews to Jodie Foster, where she speaks of her bigger project to date: raising her kids. Interestingly enough the material portrays motherhood with a very dramatic light, especially when Foster admits being in constant fear that something might happen to her children -a recurrent topic even in her works. At the same time the issue of how to deal with uncertainty acquires a negative shade when being a mother. All this imagery seems to warn us about the costs of having our life projects almost completely dependent on things we have less control over.



"INTERVIEW: Jodie Foster on Flightplan"


The things you can always leave for tomorrow
Top Graduates Line Up to Teach to the Poor

Afterwards read about the program "Teach for America", which has become the next step after graduation for many US young people, and draws those who seek to contribute to society and delay major life decisions. The appeal for these projects can be explained by the fact people in their 20s are becoming keen on delaying decisive choices to later in life, be it either of professional or personal nature. A nice note to visualize how cultural evasion systems work and what happens on a personal level when figuring out the next step becomes too difficult. Are we finally getting that having to set out our entire life at twenty is somehow a bit off?



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