Don’t play with my head

Read the following article on how some athletes deal with failure, and why sometimes the psychological aspect may outshine the physical one.

Researchers have developed a nano sensor to check whether cancer patients are reacting positively to the treatment.

Privacy issues

The Senate has passed legislation renewing the anti-terror law known as the USA Patriot Act. Check it out!

Social addictions

Doctors say TV shows downplay the consequences of drug addiction.

Creative predisposition

Explore the “mash-up” –of already existing movies or songs– as a new art form.

Know more about global Internet trends.

Astronomers tracking near-Earth asteroids have spotted a new threat.

Time spent by mothers:

A: Paid work
B: Housework
C: Childcare         Source: NYT

March 8th, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 143

The nuclear family: an endangered species?
Out in the cold: The unloved middle class family

The middle-class family is facing some tough times, meanwhile the debate over the kind of support the government should offer is heating up in Europe. According to a recent article the state must -like in the post-war period- encourage those who want to start a family but cannot do it due to economic reasons. However, governments promote what is good for a nation, which may not always be the best for an individual. The baby gap is clearly a big concern for states, but why should we act upon this?

Stay interested, stay creative
Happiness and the art of innovation

Take a close look at the following article about creativity, the theory of flow and how to accomplish innovative organizations. The piece elaborates on some very interesting topics like the connection between personal realization and inspiration -luckily companies seem to be paying attention to this lately-, the thin line that separates a challenge that mobilizes from one that paralyzes, and most of all, the matter of considering work as a serious state of play. Enjoy.


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