Being a millionaire, more common than you think

According to a recent US article there are now more millionaires nationwide than unemployed people...

Know how the genes that control the body's defenses during stressful times may also prolong our life.

Showbiz news

Read the following article about the rapid fall of broadcast television and the growth of Internet TV.

Find out more on the appearance of TV programming that caters niche audiences.

Creative predisposition

Competition in the prime-time slot is so fierce that writers have come up with a new plot device to keep people interested: to kill off lead characters.

University news

One-third of students admit to cheating at university by copying ideas from books or the internet.

It turns out that one of today’s most popular reasons for divorce is not infidelity, but work, a British report has shown. (Time´s registration required)

Amazingly enough astronomers have figured out what was going on less than a trillionth of a second after time began. (NYT´s registration required)

Which is your ideal Saturday’s night plan?

Go to the cinema/theater: 17,2%
Go to dance: 18.3%
Go to a restaurant: 27.6%
Stay at home: 28.2%
Others: 8.7%
Source: Clarín

March 22nd, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 145

In the mood for protection
Opponents of New French Labor Law Step Up Protests

French authorities find themselves in a big predicament as the national discussion on whether current labor laws should be changed grows. It's common belief in Europe that states should warrant people a job and a position, leaving outside the equation nearly all personal responsibility over the matter. It would seem as if French people were trapped in a dead-end situation, knowing it's impossible to carry on with present models, but being unable (or maybe unwilling) to imagine a different panorama.


Getting the sack really would help French workers

Is being entertained a new fixation?
How much entertainment is too much?

Check the following articles which reflect on the media's current over-stimulation, and ask whether constant entertainment the way it's conceived these days is good for us. The first editorial points that in a way people are forgetting some meaningful activities and getting caught in the mere act of being entertained. Today's overload also makes us realize selectivity may be crucial, especially when everything seems to have a niche audience to exploit -and broadcasting people's junk has become the new norm.


Online Auteurs Hardly Need to Be Famous


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