What’s the use of movie critics?

Movie critics are becoming film industry’s new pariahs, since studios have decided their films stand better chances of success without reviews.

Read about an experimental treatment for depression. (NYT´s registration required)

Showbiz news

Check out the high-tech games that are leaving old-fashioned entertainment out of the picture. (MIT´s registration required)

Creative predisposition

And speaking of the omnipresence of music in everyday life, British say they are fed up with muzak.

Job perspective

Learn why “gaming skills” can give you an edge over other potential candidates…

It seems that the social software trend has taken its toll on users. Know the new sites devoted to snub people.

Two supermassive black holes may be about to merge. Have a look.

Which type of violent crime do you fear the most?

Organized crime
Random acts of violence

Source: The Globe and Mail

April 12th, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 148

A complex of inferiority
The Fading Future of Italy's Young

Continuing with the study of Europe's under-40 generations, read about the nationwide rut Italians in their 30s find themselves in. Interestingly enough Italy shares many troublesome features with other European nations (people's refusal to grow up, demographic problems), but it also introduces another issue to the debate: the excessive veneration towards older generations. A reverence that is stifling young's impetus for doing new things and moving forward -even if this means breaking the tradition.


Where's the fire? Take two minutes to think
Living on Impulse

Can impulsivity be a problem? That is what scientists studying addiction and mental illness are trying to figure out. In a culture where most of the time spontaneity is regarded as a cool thing, admitting it can be an issue may be a hard thing to do. From an evolutionary point of view, impulsiveness was particularly useful when life was shorter -not precisely the case today- and a quick response was vital. So, why is that acting with little thought continues to be appreciated these days?



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