A clean space in a chaotic world

A recent study proved that far from considering cleaning a waste of time, many women think of it as a way of being more in control of their lives.

Investigating the genetics of alcoholism in mice may shed some light on human’s addiction.

Know how some slight adjustments in your routine can help you sleep. (NYT´s registration required)

Showbiz news

Can e-papers leave the science-fiction territory to become part of the present?

Then, find out which will be the impact of the "iPod culture" in today´s cinema.


Plus, have you ever wonder what happens inside your head when being immersed in an activity?

Social addictions

And the FDA has developed a new drug to help alcoholics, prompting some questions on this kind of treatments.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late to receive a monthly allowance from your parents...

Finally, it seems that black holes are actually green.

How would you rate your level of stress?

I don’t suffer from stress

Source: Clarín

April 26th, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 150

It's not a crime, just a different lifestyle
The rise of the 'childfree'

There can be many reasons for not having children. It can be about the loss of freedom that comes with parenting, professional and financial issues, or even environmental concerns. But whatever the reason is, the number of people deciding to remain "childfree" is rapidly growing in Europe. The next article acknowledges the taboo nature of this topic -especially at times when birth rates are falling-, and also shows how some people are slowly battling state's intervention concerning personal choices.


Having a major life dilemma? Ask the Web
Internet plays bigger role in life decisions: poll

Afterwards, read the next report which tells that more than ever people are going online when having to make important decisions -either to look for information or simply to connect with others and share experiences. And even though some of the quandaries mentioned in the study don't seem so relevant, this article may illustrate some of the Web's exciting possibilities, such as being a channel to discuss and improve life.



Study: "When Facing a Tough Decision, 60 Million Americans Now Seek the Internet's Help"



We believe it is up to the individual to decide what constitutes a family. It's not up to the state.

From the article "The rise of the childfree".

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