Privacy issues

Get to know more on the event that’s been called “the biggest state intrusion in history into the role of parents”…

Memory boom

A recent UK poll showed that people were more interested in history than in sports.

And scientists dig deeper into the “déjà vu" phenomenon. (NYT´s registration required)

Creative predisposition

Due to the success of some of last year’s films –such as Fahrenheit 9/11–, documentaries are making a big comeback to the movie landscape.

Social scientists are starting to measure the effectiveness of today’s philanthropy.

The less you struggle the better?

Check out some of the latest theories about idleness, and why the most important topic of the twenty-first century could be leisure.

The evidence that secondhand smoke is a public health hazard is now indisputable.

Finally, the space shuttle Discovery returns to space.

Would you be willing to sacrifice some of your personal privacy so that the government can better guard against security threats?


Source: The Globe and Mail

July 5th, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 160

A ceiling for human growth?
Buffett to Give Bulk of His Fortune to Gates Charity

Have a look at some articles about the philanthropic event of the year: Warren Buffett's granting of the bulk of his fortune to humanitarian foundations. What this happening let us verify is that there seems to be a pretty rooted and unequivocal sense of what an individual needs to have a worthy living -it also shows there aren't many variants as to how life is envisioned nowadays. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to think that having the basic aspects of life solved a person could cultivate other thoughts on the possibilities of his development.


"A conversation with Warren Buffett"

The untapped skill of imagination
The Proust pill

What would happen if you could go back to those moments you always wanted to relive, and feel the same way you did then? The next essay ponders on the implications of using memory drugs for recreational purposes, such as making selective trips to the past. Maybe the impulse of bringing back memories is related to the current problem of not being able to project oneself into the future. Why this feeling that the better has already passed when the chances to make up for what it's disappointing lie ahead?


"We spend lots of money on all kinds of aid programs that don't seem to do anybody any good"

From the article "Measures of success".

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