Job perspective

Some workers are willing to do almost anything in order to avoid distractions in the office...

Showbiz news

Want to know if that book is good? Check its trailer.

And as the way we rent movies evolves, the video store fades away.

Creative predisposition

Keep track of the legal battle over copyright.

Afterwards read on the comeback of childhood games, and how grown-ups are reclaiming them.

I’ve got it from my brother

Forget about parents or even genes, apparently siblings can be one of the most important influences at the time of molding our personalities.

Plus, recent studies show many Americans are sleeping less than they think they do.

Get more data on the future of space hotels.

What would you do with a hefty inheritance?

Pay off debt
Give to charity
Not sure             Source: CNN

July 12th, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 161

Stepping out of your inner circle
The Lonely American Just Got a Bit Lonelier

Read this report on the consequences of the shrinking of Americans´ affective lives. It seems that nowadays a significant number of people don't have a meaningful social network beyond their family. The post-Sept 11 mood seemed to have propelled an inwards movement that has prolonged itself too long -almost becoming the norm. Perhaps a way of counteract this trend is to let go of the mindset of urgency imposed, and start thinking in terms of expansion instead of adopting a sort of "saving mode".

The fashionable side of a gloomy outlook on life
Some Dark Thoughts on Happiness

As the burgeoning field of happiness studies becomes more mainstream, and further attention is directed to this subject, tackle some of the myths and concepts which may not be that positive for our well being. The next article explains for instance why the multiplicity of choices or even abundance may supposedly undermine happiness. It also shows how fixed in the collective imaginary is the association of pessimism with seriousness and complexity. Where does this drive for making unhappiness attractive come from?


Every bit of data says children are an extreme source of negative affect, a mild source of negative affect, or none at all. It’s hard to find a study where there’s one net positive.

From the article "Some Dark Thoughts on Happiness".

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