Memory boom

Museums and historical sites take a Hollywood twist to lure young audiences.

Showbiz news

It is official: the TV is in full migration to the Internet. TV viewers will be able to watch most of the prime time without tunning in real time.

University news

According to a recent NYT piece, college graduation rates are dipping all across the US.

Keep reading on the future of traditional radio, as it is forced to compete with iPods and satellite radio.

Pets craze

The latest figures on pet ownership –which show a significant growth in the last years–, have spurred all kind of unimaginable services for animals, as well as a change in the role of pets.

Plus, a small group of doctors is testing how electricity applied deep in the brain can help awaking patients from seemingly irreversible comas.

After, beware of the tiny black holes near our galaxy.

Change in time spent listening to radio (spring 1999 to spring 2006):

Source: The New York Times/USA

September 27th, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 172

Having kids or…? I'll take the second option
In Northern Italy, the Agony of Aging Not So Gracefully

From politics to art the message for women on their 30s across the globe seems to be: don't forget about procreating! Everybody seems to have an opinion on how women should deal with the desire to be (or not be) mothers. Moreover, the argument to bash the childless option has been increasingly related with doing "what's good for society". However, the refreshing aspect of the current panorama is that even though women don't seem to have found a consistent and successful alternative to maternity, they're still opting out.


"The new face of sterilization"

Going from the TV to the computer, and vice versa
Not in the Real World Anymore

Have you ever wanted to be one of the characters of your favorite TV show? Well, now you can. MTV´s latest development will allow people to participate in virtual versions of its shows, and let them hang out in the familiar sets as if they were one more of the gang. The growing trend of blurring the line between virtual and real worlds calls for a closer examination of the implications of spending vital time online. As this culture dangerously gravitates towards the proliferation of virtual instances, one may wonder about what's missing from the non-virtual instances, and whether aren't we "rusting" our real-life skills this way.


Childlessness has become socially acceptable here, even the norm among well-educated women.

From the article "In Northern Italy, the Agony of Aging Not So Gracefully".

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