Privacy Issues

Find out more on the illegal monitoring of phone calls in Italy –the European country with the higher rate of mobile ownership.

University news

Due to college debts many graduates are opting for buying properties with partners, putting themselves in an even more complicated situation.


A recently created “brain map” could revolutionize the landscape of neuroscience. (MIT´s registration required)

Creative predisposition

Have you ever thought of cellphones as a musical instrument?

According to a recent survey, the average number of monthly visitors to U.S. newspaper websites rose by nearly a third in the first half of 2006.

Click safe, leave that martini aside

Check this piece on the collateral effects of shopping online while being under the influence, though alcohol may not be the only issue...

And sneak a peek into the current state of the stem cell research in Europe.

Finally, catch up with the latest discussion on where the first human space settlements should be.


Expected healthy life years at 65* (Eurostat):


*Number of years that a person at 65 is still expected to live in a healthy condition.

October 11th, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 174

Feeling a bit weak? Then you better quit those old age jokes!
Old but Not Frail: A Matter of Heart and Head

The relation between mind and body has been a subject of debate for years. Or at least till recent evidence proved that having a positive attitude can be as helpful as having low blood pressure. The next piece explains how “buying” the images of decadence and frailty on old age this culture sells may have a great deal of influence in our bodies. On the bright side, it’s an empowering feeling to discover that our thoughts and sensations –which can be molded by us– can be translated into our health. Perhaps what all this information suggests is that feeling healthy can involve more subtle variables, some even related with how we see the world.

Kinko's generation: the world is my office
Working out of a 'third place'

Then, read about the significant amount of people spending time working outside of a traditional office. Almost one-fifth of the US workforce prefers to work from a third-place, which isn't the office or one's house. The trade offers more mobility and freedom without isolating people -the usual complaint from those working at home. But, as practical or inspiring as these novel modalities could be, one might wonder how the new settings will interact with current life-work dichotomies, reinforcing or loosing them.


It turned out that people who had more positive views about aging were healthier over time. They lived an average of 7.6 years longer than those of a similar age who did not hold such views.

From the article "Old but Not Frail: A Matter of Heart and Head".

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