Culture in politics

As the US elections approach, the cultural war over hot topics such as gay marriage is causing quite a stir.


Scientists continue testing the response of our brain when we tell a lie.

Showbiz news

It turns out that the new serialized dramas in the style of "Lost" or "24" are not working that well these days…

Creative predisposition

After, find out more about the new publishing phenomenon: “fan fiction” -new storylines based on established characters from established literature.

A fifth of workers now listen music at work a UK survey says. Which might be the effects on our concentration and our sociability?

Acoustic ecology: mind what you hear

Has the world turned into a place too noisy? Have we forgotten about the calm moments of contemplation? Explore the “Silence project”...

Learn about the controversial calorie restriction diets and how they can boost the average life expectancy.

Then, which are the possibilities of finding intelligent life in the outer space?


How we live (the information is from Buenos Aires only):

More than a person, not related
With an absent spouse
In a couple and with other relatives
In a couple, with or without kids

Source: Clarín (Argentina)

November 1st, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 177

Culture slowly gains the lead role
Politics: The Sleepers

With the upcoming legislative elections in the US, a significant trend could be observed: a small group of issues such as clonation and gay marriage may tip the scales. What's more interesting -and not surprising considering the last presidential elections- is that most of these matters have a strong connection with culture. From the debate on whether controversial forms of research should be allowed to the discussion over the status of marriage, today's latent discussion on the way we live appears to be emerging with politics merely as a backdrop -at least for a moment.

For Chinese, marriage not that sacred anymore
Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

Afterwards, sneak a peek into the state of marriage in China where the ideal of "till death-do-us-part" is evaporating and "flash divorces" are the new trend. At the same time check how most of the romantic idealization surrounding marriage is also disappearing, as unions resemble commercial transactions. Some sociologists blame China's taste for novelty for the high rate of divorces, while others signal the acceptance of concubinage as a responsible for it. Either way, the fact that even in traditional societies with tight social norms the institution of marriage is appearing as less alluring seems quite meaningful.,9171,1552060-1,00.html


On the same topic, check what is happenning in Argentina.

"Bien lejos del altar: cada dos casamientos ya hay un divorcio" (Spanish source)


With so many young couples dissolving their unions, a new term has crept into the Chinese lexicon: flash divorces--partnerships that last as long as the average Hollywood romance.

From the article "Breaking Up Is Easy To Do".

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