Social addictions

Keep reading about the huge problem of medicating young children and teenagers in the US.
Privacy issues

The Senate has passed legislation that would make it a federal crime to obtain telephone records without permission.

Creative predisposition

Explore one of the newest online phenomena: Lonelygirl, a “true-fictional” story.

Graphic novels move to unexplored territories to conquer a new crowd: female readers.

Young, restless and broke

Today’s twentysomethings are starting their lives as adults with the wrong foot...

Know why now for the first time there is reason to believe that gene therapy could actually work. (MIT´s registration required)

Finally, new evidence indicates liquid water has flowed on the surface of Mars within the past five years. Check it out!


Total number of children in the US taking antidepressants (ages 0-19) during 2005, though a 50% take them in combination with other drugs:

Percentage of children taking antidepressants at each age:

Source: NYT / USA

December 13th, Wednesday, 2006, Ip nº 183

The incredible shrinking culture: how far overspecialization can go?
2006, Brought to You by You

Check out the next review on the events that marked the year in popular culture, such as the craze for user-generated content and the ubiquity of art production. The 2006 showed the rise of "amateurism" and also offered a chance for everyone to express themselves. But lately many artists and critics have begun to ask if so much available self-expression couldn't hurt the very same cultural impact art wants to achieve. Maybe the reason shrinking it's so hot right now (think of the recent "niche" trend) it's because for the first time artists are realizing their shots at having any real impact, not only artistically speaking, are fainter than ever.

From extreme jobs to flexible jobs, and then what?
Smashing The Clock

In a culture where leaving the office early may be strange -and even sometimes a little bit heroic-, flexible working promises to radically change current notions on how people organize work. Take a quick glance into a new model that has been quietly growing in some US companies, and which aims -opposing today's workaholic panorama- at having a better career-family balance. However, becoming accustomed to polarities may desensitize us from all the other options at the margins…

"Putting in the Hours and Paying a Price"

Some boomers felt they'd been forced to choose between work and life during their careers. So everyone else should, too.

From the article "Smashing The Clock".

The IP will be back on February 14th 2007 with more news and comments. Until then, have a nice holiday and thanks for reading us!

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