Social addictions
UK authorities are considering a new plan to tackle the high levels of smoking among teenagers.
Career-family dichotomy
The debate over balancing work and parenting continues with a new cautionary chronic.
Showbiz news
Artists are relying on tours more than ever before. Sneak a peek into the current live music scene renaissance.
Afterwards, Virginia’s tragedy seems to have introduced the subject of gun control into the public sphere –at least for now. Read more ahead.
Congrats, you got divorced!
Now with the end of marriage many bachelorettes are throwing parties and receiving gifts...
A large-scale study could help researchers understand the genetics of depression. (MIT´s registration required)
Then, astronomers have discovered a planet outside our solar system that is potentially habitable, increasing our chances to find intelligent life.

Did Virginia Tech authorities react adequately to the fist shooting incident?


April 25th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 188  
  Culture, the great catalyst
Germany's Neo-Housewives Spark Debate on Gender Roles

Much has been said about women's evolution in the last decades. Some even suggest twentieth-century women are the ones leading most of today's major cultural changes, and not men. However, a rooted thought seems to keep haunting girls when they hit their 30s. Chicks may have defeated all but one stereotype: the idea of procreating as an absolute must for women. Ironically in some countries both feminists and antifeminists have begun to support "women's maternal role", exhorting them to return to their homes. A nice note that shows life outlooks can be more decisive than political views when it comes to differentiate postures.

More on the topic:
"Feminismo y maternidad" (Spanish source)
  Games applied to life
Future Games

The next piece invites us to explore the novel territory of alternate reality games. The burgeoning field of "ARGs" is capturing the attention of a new generation of players with its collaborative and interactive design, evidencing an impulse to relate with entertainment in a different way. But now creators plan to put their games to the biggest test: solving real-world problems and stimulating more profound aspects of our brains. A growing need to heighten experiences, an availability of technological resources, and maybe also a sense of urgency regarding the state of the world, might turn these games into a promising outlet.
It's not just adrenaline, it's not just entertainment. We're tapping into core psychological aspects of what it means to be human.

From the article"Future Games".

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