Wednesday, 1st August, 2001

A pretty golden cage...

"Almost a fairytale"
This girl seems to be suffering a lot, when all that she has to do is to write very simple and corny songs... Besides that poor chick looks more to me like a test rat that a pop singer.
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An army prepared for almost everything...

"The young new army"
If what you learn in those schools is first how to hang pan carts from buildings, then political theater and even cooking …how will they find time to change the world ? That's a pretty busy daily schedule.
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Let love rules baby!

"Hackers, politics and love"
And in the same conceptual line as the previous article, check this out!...
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Hey, be careful that´s my head you are unfreezing!

Cryonics Over Dead Geeks' Bodies
This kind of things put you think about the way you perceive death and the way you feel about your own life...because having the opportunity of living much, much more than we expected it's appearing to be closer.