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Find out who’s watching movies nowadays.
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The Disney studio has pledged to remove smoking from its family-oriented films.
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The universe of alternate reality games leaks into movie advertising, as Lost creator promotes his new flick.
Pets have become a fundamental part of modern living. Get more information on the phenomenon here.
A happy ending for Jane?
Continue reading on the present-day obsession with the romantic ideal, as a recent biopic on Jane Austen creates an imaginary love affair for the author... (Washington Post´s registration required)
An interesting new theory examines friends´ influence in obese people. (NYT´s registration required)
Finally, is a second black hole lurking in the heart of the Milky Way?

Percentage of dog or cat owners who consider their pet a family member:

Dog is family
Cat is family

Source: Pew Research Center

August 1st, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 201  
  The unthinkable confession
French blockade on babies? Just say non...

A provocative new book by French writer Corinne Maier attempts a challenging task: questioning the cultural mandate of having children in a climate of constant pressure on women to do precisely that. Her most recent work appears to be touching the right chords in a quite special moment. On one side we can witness a more forgiving attitude towards “bad mothering” –closer to cynicism than to a critical view though–, and on the other there are progressively more chicks opting out of motherhood. Maybe all this could be a beginning to start evaluating women’s role under a different light, and also an incentive to “customize” a little bit more the options in one’s life menu.

More on the topic:
"Drunk, lazy, disorganised and proud ... the Cult of the Bad Mother is liberating mums everywhere",,2124654,00.html
  A mirror of ourselves?
With a little help from our friends

The next piece invites us to ponder on friendship and its connotations today. As a type of relationship that occurs outside any pre-established order (such as family or even a contractual tie), friendships are voluntary, a matter of individual choice, but they are nonetheless subject to implicit rules and obligations. For instance, it is often said that true friends are those who stuck by you no questions asked, in a sort of non-judgemental pact. But isn’t a pal’s duty to show us our worst attitudes too? Another misconception is the fact that women tend to have more intense relations than men. But perhaps the most interesting thing is how much, as the author explains, these bonds reveal about ourselves, constituting a daily test for us as individuals.

If a lover or a husband leaves, it's part of the mess and pain of life; you can explain it and turn it into a story - but when a best friend leaves, you are forced to take a long, hard look at yourself.


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