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In the same line already exposed last week, on how “slummy moms” are being praised and glamorized by current culture, take a look at the newest book on the subject.
Junk-food US companies have agreed to stop advertising unhealthy products among children.
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August 8th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 202  
Una trampa pendular
Por Carlos Lavagnino
Como ilustra el gráfico incluido en esta edición del Independent Perspective, es claro que en la actualidad ha ganado importancia...

  Put some effort on that idle time!
Vacation, All I Never Wanted

The next material reflects on the apparent tough work that taking a vacation is. Current statistics support this trend as roughly 50 percent of Americans won't take a holiday this year. But skipping the usual explanations offered for this vacation-phobia (employee's overcompetitiveness or the crisis of the family) there seems to be a great difficulty in handling one's free time and how we see ourselves when having it. In the same way daily life might be outlined by work obligations, leisure time would appear to have its own set of intrinsic rules to be fulfilled too -where to go, what to see, etc. Maybe what's precisely so tricky about idleness is the following: having a moment beyond any preconceived role or cultural expectation to redefine ourselves in novel ways.

More on the topic:
"Out of America: Holidays are for wimps (and the President)"
  The allure of being hopelessly in love (and hopelessly dumb?)
This is your brain on love

Recent studies say that when it comes to love, the infatuated brain resembles much a brain on drugs. In fact, the different reactions addicts display regarding craving, obsession and even irresponsibility, are usually features observable in lovesick people. It’s curious how we could be so hasty in reproving certain types of compulsive behaviour, and leave other attitudes unexamined. Furthermore, the author says there’re more variables at stake in the decision-making process of choosing partner beyond the biological aspect. Unfortunately she proposes that individuals can learn to surpass their urges not by choice but because of their exposure to pain –read as love rejection and disappointment in life.

What is being celebrated here is the mindlessness of a certain type of child-rearing, a mindlessness we as a culture are currently infatuated with.

From the article"Attack of the Slummy Mummy".

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