Privacy issues
China is set out to implement a controversial high-tech plan to track its citizens. (NYT´s registration required)
Showbiz news
A new study shows that European kids justify illegal downloading.
Creative predisposition
Plus, an analysis of the mythical movie “Bonnie and Clyde” and how violence has been portrayed in cinema since its making.
Air travel has become one of the latest menaces to the environment. Check what are both airlines and people doing to reverse this. (Use Salon´s free site pass)
Another look at the idea of free will
A Nobel laureate mathematician says he can redefine the concept of free will...
Keep reading about the trend of looking for medical information online.
Did you know that the planets and moons of the solar system make noises?

Percentage of people that completely disagree with the affirmation "women should return to their traditional roles in society":

Pre-boomer (< 1946)
Baby boomer (1946-64)
Gen X (1965-76)
Gen Y (1977 & later)

Source: Pew Research Center

August 15th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 203  
  A whole new world of relationships
Is This Man Cheating on His Wife?

As technology continues to mingle with our daily lives in an unprecedented form, we are just recently beginning to confront its full impact on our social fabric. The next article explains how maintaining online identities and certain Internet habits may be –in a sense– challenging conventional relationship schemes. Furthermore, a survey revealed many people consider their online friends equal or better than the real ones. This scenery motivates us to ponder on the way we relate, to think of novel arrangements, to examine closely the cracks in the existing ones. It also makes us look forward seeing whether old paradigms will adapt, and if these cultural tilts could produce more than second-rate versions of prior models.

  Stuck between predictions and determinations
Horoscope fascination

Once reserved for the women's section, horoscopes have gained ground in today's culture. The following editorial examines the modern fascination with astrology as well as its social connotations, from the feeling of certainty it somehow offers, to the possibility of making sense of the future. But what does an astrological take on life says about current predispositions? Maybe it's no coincidence that in times of growing difficulty to administrate personal resources, horoscope predictions get so much attention. Also, this trend might be echoing the trouble in visualizing and projecting one's future.

Family-law experts and marital counselors say they're seeing a growing number of marriages dissolve over virtual infidelity. Cyber affairs don't legally count as adultery unless they cross over into the real world, but they may be cited as grounds for divorce


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