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The single format may be loosing its relevance against digital downloads.
Social addictions
Explore what happens inside gambling addicts' brain…
Job perspective
Increasingly more British workers are seeing Friday afternoon as an unofficial holiday.
After, pet’s ubiquity in modern life is spurring a wide range of products and services. Check the latest of them: vet hospitals.
What exactly is life anyway?
In times when scientists are trying to find living creatures in other planets and create organisms in test tubes, the definition of life itself is being challenged.
An interesting study explains how people’s health can be greatly affected by their social networks.
Finally, things after the Big Bang might have been a lot cooler than you imagined…

Percentage of people that completely disagree with the affirmation "women should return to their traditional roles in society":


Source: Pew Research Center

August 22nd, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 204  
  Commitment phobic? Not quite
To have and to hold

According to the next editorial we are supposedly living in an era of "liquid modernity" in which commitment is on the wane, and people have a hard time developing attachment to their possessions, their partners and even their jobs. Ditching the analysis that signals consumerism as the responsible for these modern attitudes, the piece allows us to ponder on the meaning of commitment today. Is it really that we are less dedicated, or is it more that the options aren’t that appealing or satisfying these days? Plus, it would also be interesting to take another look at the concept of commitment itself and why should things such as flexibility or freedom be barred from the definition.

  Time to live longer
The Enthusiast

A Harvard biologist claims to have discovered a way to effectively prolong human life. The following article examines his theory, which proposes using a chemical found in red wine that significantly extends life span in mice and in other animals. However, once we found the answer to the biological riddle, we may have another equally complicated task ahead. Confronted with this panorama various quandaries arise, from changing our mindset regarding our own possibilities, to how people will adapt to living longer –especially as vital time stretches and current models seem unable to fulfill the expectations.

The definition of life will be at the heart of a political and societal debate as heated and divisive as abortion and embryonic stem cell research

From the article"What exactly is life?".

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