Privacy issues
A surveillance law recently approved could allow the Bush administration to conduct spy operations including wiretapping, physical searches and the collection of Americans’ business records.
Social addictions
UK authorities are almost set to unveil a plan to cut cheap alcohol and happy-hour discounts.
Creative predisposition
A bunch of recent movies and TV series shows audience’s fascination with adolescence and teen stories.
Follow the latest efforts to outlaw the sale of violent games to children. (NYT´s registration required)
An out-of-this-world experience
Using virtual devices, scientists have induced out-of-body experiences in people. Check it out!
Plus, doctors have found a potential new weapon to fight diabetes in our skeleton.
Afterwards, could the Moon be used to "reboot" civilization in case an asteroid strike or other disaster? Find out next.

Legally required paid annual leave around the world, in days:

Source: Center for Economic and Policy Research.

August 29th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 205  
  How cultural bias may affect politics
Death Grip

The first article elaborates on a controversial theory: how the fear of death, with Sept 11 as its main catalyst, may have influenced US political landscape in the last couple of years. What's more, this anxiety might have also encouraged behaviors such as the defense of more traditional values, or the resurgence of religiousness and nationalism in the country. The hypothesis exposes the role that individual worries and uncertainties play in the make up of one’s worldview, and thus in the construction of collective culture. On the bright side, perhaps this awareness on the global incidence of personal dispositions could inspire a more empowering attitude to interact with the world.

  Who am I?..Have you met my grandpa?
Latest Genealogy Tools Create a Need to Know

Apparently, many people are spending considerable amounts of time and money on the new hobby of tracking their ancestors. Whether is partly because it is easier now, or it is something deeper, there would seem to be an obsession with the past and particularly with one´s family history these days. Almost as if it was possible to find an explanation for who we are in what our grand-grand parents were like. However, this so-called search might be as constricted as using other current cultural parameters to define us –profession, nationality, etc. Maybe this is where the attraction lies, that one is not really embarking in a self-discovery process but merely inheriting prior ways of being and acting…

The good news is that each experience rewires the brain.


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