Privacy issues
Many organizations have started monitoring what employees can or cannot put into e-mails, instant messages, etc.
Creative predisposition
Check out the new publishing phenomenon in China: online novels.
Social addictions
An alarming UK survey revealed that one in five teenage drivers admits to drink-driving.
Observe the comeback of 60´s style (architecture, costumes and decoration) in new US TV series.
It’s just a breakup
Good news for the recently dumped: splitting up with your boyfriend or husband is actually less emotionally upsetting than what most people would predict. Have a look at it.
Plus, scientists are developing a device that can identify cancer cells during a routine visit to the doctor's office.
Then, astronomers have found an enormous void in space that measures nearly a billion light-years across.

Do you believe there is a 'cultural war' taking place in Western society?


Source: CNN (total votes: 2520)

September 5th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 206  
Un salto a la implementación
Por Carlos Lavagnino
Entre las múltiples barreras que la cultura inercial inspira a auto-imponerse está la que imaginariamente separa el espíritu crítico...

  Do it for our culture, get over yourself
Perpetual Adolescence

A new book called “The Death of the Grown-Up” addresses the topic of how today’s adults seem unwilling to grow up, having forsaken traditional responsibilities and prolonging adolescence. This novel phenomenon allegedly finds its explanation in boomers flawed legacy, current narcissism or even economic prosperity, though nothing is mentioned on the most obvious issues such as the prolongation of life or the recent social shifts. Moreover, the book author proposes this infantilism is ruining Western culture. But isn’t the fact that more people are delaying their commitment to certain lifestyles evidence enough of this culture’s malfunction?

More on the topic:
"Dress Like Your Child, and the Terrorists Win"
  Thinking diseases away
Mind Over Matter, With a Machine’s Help

What would you say if someone told you we could make pain, depression or even addictions go away with our mind? A Californian company has been experimenting with brain scans, allowing people to learn how to consciously control certain conditions. This new approach not only could revolutionize present ideas about medicine and sickness conferring patients more control and responsibility, but also could change the way states will manage health. It also sheds light into the untapped capabilities of individuals' minds, which accustomed to taking shortcuts, have yet to unveil their real potential.

The sort of misprediction we found is very robust. (...) Even though divorce is likely to be more distressing than a collegiate breakup, it should still be the case that married people making predictions will forecast extreme devastation about their impending divorce, and, on average, that divorce will be less devastating than anticipated.


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