Showbiz news
Music videos keep shrinking as more artists are embracing the You Tube aesthetic.
Using a computer game that delivers electric shocks to gamers, scientist attempt to shed some light on how the brain reacts to imminent danger.
Privacy issues
Germans fret about the Interior Ministry’s new plan to spy on terrorists through email.
According to an UK study, women are spending more time online than men for the fist time since the Internet kicked off.
Propping the right side of the brain
The next piece talks about a quite recent approach to education, which considers the advantages of including art classes in schools' curriculum as a way of fostering other abilities...
Apparently, cell phones and work are the main causes for the lack of sleep both in teens and adults.
Lastly, learn what scientists are doing to detect and deflect potentially dangerous asteroids that could plunge into the Earth.

When do you think this will happen, if ever?

Next 50 years
Between 51-100 years
Happen sometime but take longer than that
Will never happen

Source: Decima Research (Canada).

September 12th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 207  
  Do I have to choose one?
When many careers are better than one

To begin with, a glimpse to a relatively new trend: “slash careers”. According to the article, many people who feel the urge to develop in more than just one particular area or activity are choosing to have various jobs, responding to a personal need rather than an economic one. The fact that one may want to satisfy an array of interests accompanying multifaceted personalities is a refreshing idea, especially in a climate of mono-orientation and exclusivity such as this. Unfortunately the initiative falls short when reducing the equation to taking up “many careers”, leaving the whole concept of profession untouched. Plus, thinking that only novelty seekers will appreciate the challenge of a varied occupational landscape seems overly simplistic.

  Thinking? Nah, easier going with a hunch
Through Analysis, Gut Reaction Gains Credibility

A recent interest in the functioning of our subconscious, paired with today hype for astrology, seems to be pushing a subtle but discernible revalorization of everything but rational thinking. Building up evidence in this direction, the next piece explains how the so called “gut reaction” works, and why in certain situations it may outperform a more pensive attitude. But whether hunches could help us figuring things out more effectively or not, it’s interesting to ponder on culture’s current fixation with the topic. Does this growing cult to basic functions, such as instinct, tell anything about the way we choose? At the least, the trend appears to be downplaying the relevance of thoughtful reflection…

Slash careers start with the assumption that people have multiple needs and interests


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