Welfare crisis
European laid-back work regime may be approaching its end...
Creative predisposition
Increasingly more cultural products are dealing with the crisis of marriage and couple's life.
Social addictions
Take a look at the following comprehensive summary on the latest news regarding the anti-smoking crusade.
Also, find out why solo travelers are charged more here.
Want an alibi? –better a new life
For those people “suffocated” by family obligations there’s a new service that makes it easier to have a fling.
Plus, depression is more damaging to everyday health than chronic diseases such as angina, arthritis, asthma and diabetes, doctors said last week.
Finally, the first stars could have formed in long filaments.

Private office visits involving a bipolar diagnosis for Americans under 20, in millions:

Source: Columbia University / The New York Times.

September 20th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 208  
La manipulación de la cultura por otros medios
Por Carlos Lavagnino
El mundo es complejo y cambia, qué obviedad. Por suerte para los inquietos y los que buscan entender...

  Thinking of one’s life purpose –but not in college
Why are we here?

What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? According to the next piece, questions such as this are rarely addressed in formal education these days. Preoccupied with its own survival and the education of professionals, academe is no longer a fertile ground for subtler and deeper considerations. The costs of this trend go beyond the scarce progress of humanities or the potential threat of the rising fundamentalism. The toughest challenge would seem to be for the students, who spoiled by the specialization mentality can’t afford to ponder on matters exceeding their majors or their future subsistence. Hopefully, there could be more places to discuss these issues outside the scope of organized religion or the ailing university in a near future.

  The next doped generation
Bipolar Illness Soars as a Diagnosis for the Young

Recent evidence indicates that American children and adolescents treated for bipolar disorder increased 40-fold in a few years. The article attempts to explain the trend adducing a supposed major conscience (and press) on the disease, while also blaming doctors´ misdiagnosis. The fact is that more and more youngsters are spending crucial development years consuming meds. The phenomenon also sheds some light on parent's difficulty in dealing with their children and what parenthood implies today. All the various degrees of irresponsibility seem to be creating a dangerous generalization about which are the kids´ issues these days, and of course, how to cope with them.

Our culture may be spiritually impoverished, but what it needs is not more religion

From the article"Why are we here?".

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