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Could this be the time for electronic books?
Social addictions
From now on, people needing treatment after becoming drunk or incapacitated by drugs might have to pay for their own health expenses instead of charging the state.
Culture in politics
And find out what governments are doing in order to boost fertility.
Hopefully, eco-friendly cars can become the next logical step for consumers. (MIT´s registration required)
Training AI in the Second Life universe
Scientists believe that online worlds such as Second Life will soon become training grounds for artificial intelligence...
Prolongation of life
Honey could combat the effects of ageing.

Plus, a new study suggests an extraordinary benefit of Vitamin D: a lower risk of death.
Finally, astronomers say that Neptune has a surprising warm spot.

Census data demonstrate our notion of family is expanding beyond the traditional definition. Do you consider this a good thing?


Source: The Globe and Mail.

September 26th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 209  
  Freed from choice
Extreme Makeover

A new book called "The Year of Living Biblically" in which its author describes his yearlong experiment of following every rule in the Bible, may illustrate well religiousness' impact on modern life. But it's not just books that address the topic, as we see it on TV and we read about it in the newspapers everyday. Be it due to a spiritual urgency, the appeal of belonging, or even as the author's book suggests, the secret comfort of living a constricted life, there's an evident attraction and curiosity about religion these days. However, this interest is mainly seized by organized creed, as most of the time spiritual questioning can't seem to find alternative ways of being channeled. Could this discussion be one of the last frontiers when it comes to deconstructing culture axioms and rituals?

  Dreams as life’s test-drive
Living Your Dreams, in a Manner of Speaking

The second piece of writing introduces us to the world of "lucid-dreaming", a state in which a sleeping person can develop conscience within a dream and control the action on it. Although not many people are familiarized with the technique, it has been used for some time as a source of inspiration or even as a way of helping individuals overcoming fears. The idea of dreams as a controlled environment in which to test possible situations or find solutions to a problem can be quite appealing, especially in times it would appear dreaming had become a kind of dissociated activity in our lives. Maybe if we could think about fantasy as something more translatable to reality, dreaming wouldn't be such a marginal pleasure.

We all talk about freedom of choice, but there’s something very attractive about freedom from choice.

From the article"Extreme Makeover".

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