In search of the imperfect family
A competition to find an eccentric family whose members will inspire a British version of The Simpsons has been launched in England. Read it here.
The evil is online
Hey, this guys from the CIA should take a vacation because they starting to sound like a nutcase: Ben Laden alive and surfing the web??... Find out next.
Listen to your cell phone voice
It seems the new thing is the "phone shui", which combines "feng shui" (an ancient Chinese art) with cell phone diagnosis, which allows you to receive advice and helps bring positive energy to your life.

Poor sense of rhythm could cause dyslexia.

Plus more info on Alzheimer's disease.

And fetal therapy takes a step forward.

Little spies
Spy on the future espionage devises: tiny flying bots.

Motherhood and career through the eyes of celebrities
Enjoy this compilation of interviews, featuring Pamela Anderson and Geena Davis on their maternal side, and Paul Newman's career retirement postponed for a while longer.
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   August 8th, Thursday, 2002, ip nº21
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Interview to Oscar Galvez

Here's an article on the life of Oscar Galvez, an ex top model who changed his glamorous life for a peaceful existence in a little village where he owns a hostel and teaches yoga, among other disciplines.

Some highlights from the interview: Galvez´s decision of living in the countryside based on him "finding his own place", a place that happens to be pretty isolated from the world, by the way. Then, some of the reasons he gave to choose this life, surprisingly most of them economy related. It's funny, these people so obsessed with "not being obsessed with money" end up focusing too much on the issue. Besides, it's not money what makes us live a bad life; that's just a lame excuse.

Anyway, when it comes to getting thoughtful answers to deep questions -like he says people coming to the village are-, living in the jungle or in New York is just as futile if you are not honest enough.
Be nice to others, be happy
Why We're So Nice: We're Wired to Cooperate

The only thing that remained unseen was some scientist showing up and telling us that we are sort of configured to help the others. So not only are we meant to collaborate with others -in a declared as acceptable and sort of imposed way - but also they are happy to let us know this is "natural". I'm getting weary of hearing that we live in a supposedly general climate of rampant individualism and values deficiency. Shouldn't we be a little suspicious about it?
Torn up by two sides
Lost in Sweden: A Kurdish Daughter Is Sacrificed

Take a look at this case, in which a Turkish father killed her daughter for not following the familiar tradition and defending a different lifestyle. This is a rather extreme case. However, it shows two associated phenomena: on the one hand, the pressure to have an identity (based on one or more elements, sometimes that being our religion, others our career or even our nationality) and carry it through our whole lives. On the other, the social expectations of integration, of sharing common grounds with the rest of the people.

Privacy Issues
Ashcroft speaks about the TIPS -Terrorism Information and Prevention System- program, one of the most invasive measures the Us government has taken.
The House passes the homeland security bill giving President Bush most of he has wanted.
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Family Ads
Take a peek at this campaign to promote adoption sponsored by the US government, and presented by Bush and Bruce Willis.
To read more on conceptual nods to marriage in the media, go here.

Extra News
More on the marijuana debate
San Francisco puts growing medicinal marijuana on the ballot defying openly the federal ban.
Also, concerns about misuse of clonation could endanger scientific research.
Featuring more information on today´s University

Cheating , a part of the Indonesian University Culture.

Movie Industry is pressing the Congress to achieve more methods of copyright enforcement, such as banning redistribution of digital TV and allowing computer intrusion.
And it seems that viewers are in the mood for cozier family shows. Therefore, a new wave of family comedies is landing in American TV prime-time.