Showbiz news
Check out Radiohead's move to let people put the price on the songs of their latest album. (NYT´s registration required)
Also, researchers have discovered new evidence that may explain how emotionally charged situations can leave a powerful mark in our memories.
Privacy issues
And get to know why Google wants to store your genetic information.
Smokers are becoming the biggest "pariah" in the travel industry. Know the reasons next.
Stress-out kids
According to a recent study, primary school children are suffering from deep anxiety...
The following piece addresses the importance of talk therapy as a complementary way of treating depression.

Plus, exercise may help too.
Finally, can mirrors help us deflect Earth-bound space rocks? Find out more details ahead.

When to untie the knot?

Source: Pew Research Center, 2007 (total votes: 2020).

October 17th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 212  
Mitología extraviada para la vida del futuro
Por Carlos Lavagnino
Un campo que se expande: la esperanza de vida es una parte de la humanidad que, no se sabe bien cómo, va redoblando la apuesta...

  The next innovation: your life
Something new under the sun

Take a look at the following special report on innovation today. Contrary to what's usually believed, innovation may not necessarily imply creating something new, in fact it could have more to do with maximizing processes and developing strategies. Furthermore, it turns out that defying authority and crisis -as an impulse for change- might benefit aspiring innovators. Explore then, how this so-called "knowledge economy" may lead the way in the next few years, proposing a challenging panorama, a possible path of continual self-improvement. Hopefully, the creative stimulus could leap from the merely entrepreneurial field to the everyday sphere spurring other kind of innovation...

  Pole-dancing times
Yes, we are bovvered

The next piece talks about the recent “pornogrification” of mainstream culture, especially when it comes to the increasingly sexualized images perpetuated by the media in all of its platforms. On one side, it’s interesting to ponder on how this explosion of sexuality may be culture’s way of channeling everyday frustrations, a sort of controlled and socially accepted outlet. On the other side, a dangerous subtext that seems to exhort women to return to their traditional role model –if not, check out the 50s styling so trendy right now–, can be observable. It would appear that just when hegemonic ways begin to waver, more conservative facets arise to straighten up the path somehow.

More on the topic:
"Unilever Shuns Stereotypes of Women (Unless Talking to Men)"
Technology and the pursuit of improvement are ultimate expressions of freedom; of the capacity of humans to reject the limitations of their past and their experience, to transcend the boundaries of their biological capacities and their social traditions.

From the article"The age of mass innovation".

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