Social addictions
Did you know that a quarter of young Britons say they are "addicted" to their phones?
University news
Read more about a growing issue in college campuses: the rise in the amount of students suffering from mental health problems.
Get a load of the complex interaction between music and our brains.
New research reveals that today’s overscheduled kids are getting less sleep than they need –which could seriously affect their cognitive skills.
The immortality quest
Have a look at some of the ideas of the “transhumanist” movement, whose main goal is to help humans to achieve immortality...
And a recent study sheds light on why organic food is good for our health.
Afterwards, dig into the influence of the space run in popular culture –in movies, design or even architecture.

Percentage giving primary financial support or some financial help to their adult children in the past year (based on those with a child ages 18 and older):

Primary support
Gave some money in the past year

Source: Pew Research Center.

October 31st, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 214  
  Applying for college, checked. Stress-reduction course, checked
A Principal Who Cracks Down on Stress

Sneak a peek into the next article about how US high school students –particularly seniors about to enter college– are suffering unhealthy amounts of stress. Among the latest measures to fight this problem are scheduled homework-free weekends, stress reduction courses, and even starting classes later so that kids can sleep more. However, while there’s plenty of effort to make students capable of coping with the current model, very little is considered about the cultural imposition of figuring out a life path as soon as possible. As a result of this lack of criticism and transparency, more and more youngsters are going through stages of depression, addiction and sometimes suicide, in an unfortunate process that far from easing appears to be intensifying.

  Eat well, think better
Go ask Alice

Eat locally and sustainably, try to consume organic food, if possible share your meals with friends and relatives. These are some of the principles supported by healthy-eating advocate Alice Waters, who insists on considering a whole set of parameters from where ingredients come from, to how food is treated, and what kind of policies we support with each purchase. Interestingly, this trend proposes that our attitude towards food can be significant not only as regards our own health, but also in relation with individual’s impact on other fields (ecological, political, etc). At the same time, the piece talks about the importance of having a consistent personal care strategy –and the hard work that comes with it–, and in a sense it also encourages a more integral analysis of things…even when it comes to the small everyday actions like buying tomatoes.

Ordinary citizens wouldn't know what to do with eternal life


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