Creative predisposition
Find out why today's terror flicks don't scare teenagers anymore.
Plus, want to know where do great ideas come from?
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More and more interactive online serials are gripping audiences, stealing viewers from traditional formats.
Researchers believe they have found appetite’s control centres.
Cast a glance at the incredible industrial complex of “manga”, the Japanese comic books that caught everybody’s attention...
Marry not
According to the author of the next essay there are several reasons (legal, economic and even medical) why we shouldn’t marry. Check them out!
New cancer therapy would destroy tumors while leaving healthy tissues untouched.
Finally, a fifth planet has been discovered around a nearby star.

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November 7th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 215  
  Modern crusades
The new wars of religion

We seem to be living a rather particular moment in history: a complex geopolitical and experientially saturated epoch that has prompted an unprecedented reentrance of religion. As Occident and Orient clash with each other exacerbating polarizations, one might wonder whether faith isn’t pulling us back, culturally speaking. The future battles will be held on fields as varied and profoundly affected by religious views as science, economics, and definitely culture, determining core aspects of contemporary life. Although much is being discussed about the response states should give to the matter, it remains to be seen whether an individual positioning could be articulated and which shape would this take.

  In search of today’s heroines
The new girl order

A global phenomenon is taking place currently, a so-called “new girl order” characterized for the delay in marriage and maternity, a significant mobility (both geographical and professional) and a revalorization of personal freedom. Single girls would appear to be taking the world by storm, living on their own and forsaking certain social mandates. However, unable to escape the family-work dichotomy trap, many of them seem to be dangerously dangling to the professional side. Simultaneously, an aging population and welfare crisis have pushed a gloomy discourse linking women’s role with their supposed social responsibility. Maybe what’s missing nowadays are more accounts of sustainable single life to counteract romanticized narrations of yesterday’s female leads...

The very being of legal existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage or at least incorporated and consolidated into that of the husband.

From the article"My problem with marriage".

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