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Are today’s Hollywood stars killing cinema? Find out how A-list actors outraging demands might be harming movie industry.
Illuminating neurons with nearly 100 different colours could shed light on the brain. Read more ahead. (MIT´s registration required)
Social addictions
The battle against smokers continues, this time within the scope of home.
A recent study revealed that 16-to-24-year olds now prefer going online to watching the tube in many European countries.
Hope’s in our core
A group of scientists have uncovered what can be a quite positive piece of news: at its core, the brain is built for optimism.
Doctors move closer to understanding obesity gene.
Also, deflected asteroids may keep coming back unfortunately…

How often do you use a cell phone while driving?

Not at all. It's dangerous.
Not very often. Only when it's important.
Most of the time

Source: Reuters.

November 21st, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 217  
  The joy of sleep
The Sleep-Industrial Complex

It is often seen as a necessary pester, something we need in order to achieve a certain level of productivity or simply make it through the day, something that's good for our health. However, this interpretation of rest, this rush for getting it done as swiftly as possible, might be what deters our understanding and improvement of sleep. The following is a comprehensive piece on the history of sleeping, and interestingly about how sleepers' habits have changed in time. In fact, current patterns may be a byproduct of modern culture some people say. While we are getting more conscious -and anxious- about sleepiness, more shortcuts and quick fixes are popping up. Maybe picturing sleep time as more than just a lie-and-die moment can hold a key to its betterment and enjoyment.

  As taboo as it gets?
Confessions of a party mum

Cast a glance at this material which makes us ponder on modern parenthood and the way many decisions are made today. Take a look at how drug consumption may be chillingly intertwined with paternity, revealing a most dangerous naturalization of the habit, and a scarce consideration on the consequences for children. Moreover, even at the time of deciding whether to have kids, this culture has shown an incredible skill at restricting the debate as far as possible. For instance, check the economic evaluation of parenthood the second article offers. Perhaps this is one of the greatest difficulties, being able to openly discuss life options without any filters or conditionings, so that you don't have to drown yourself in martinis or take it out on your kids later.

More on the topic:
"Is Raising Kids a Fool's Game?"
What we’re doing in America is, we’re drugging people to make it through the night


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