Showbiz news
In the midst of a major strike some TV studios are relying on the power of “webisodes” for having both viewers and writers happy.
Explore the burgeoning new field of “connectomics”, which could help researchers decode the brain's approach to information processing. (MIT’s registration required)
Social addictions
Sneak a peek into the incipient trend of using prescription drugs for boosting college or work performance.
Afterwards, observe how cellphone text-messaging and blogs are soon replacing email for the younger generation.
Stop the music –at least for one day
Tired of that annoying musak drilling your ears all the time? Want some time away from today’s music ubiquity?...
Learn how America could solve its health and environmental problems at the same time.
Would you have guessed that the Sun may be smaller than we thought?

A barometer of modern morals: percent saying this behavior is morally wrong

Source: Pew Research Center, 2007.

November 28th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 218  
  Blindfolded is better?
Denial Makes the World Go Round

A rather controversial point is raised by the next article, the idea that denial is a basic mechanism for people's survival. In fact, researchers go further as to say that, while potentially destructive, denial is very important for developing close bonds -especially romantic ones. Sadly, it doesn't sound strange that such negative treats have evolved into a vital part of the dynamic of today's couples, a component that regulates the shelf life of the relationship. However, what is hard to believe is that this behavior is somehow fundamental for individuals' social adaptation. Are we supposed to buy that evasion or moderated "inattention" can actually be beneficial for us? And how this recasting of events has become so functional to daily life?

  A window to the human character
Taking sport seriously

The following essay introduces us into the world of modern sports, and ponders on many of the quandaries that are faced today: from the fraud accusations, to the changes introduced by professionalization and even the environmental concerns. Sports have been historically considered as a play, a ludicrous representation of life where people assume specific roles and have precise goals, sometimes working in teams and others alone, but perhaps -and most importantly- sports are an expression of life itself. This is why in the midst of a climate of distrust and unethical behavior surrounding professional sportsmanship, the culture that shapes the games acquires a crucial role.

Nowhere do people use denial skills to greater effect than with a spouse or partner


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