Scientists have discovered differences in the sensory areas of the brains of people who develop migraines.
Social addictions
Plus, explore other kind of addictions, this time get a load of the "boot camps" for curing web obsession.
Job perspective
Sneak a peek at how the travel industry is adapting to the current workaholic culture.
Find out more about “life coaches” in the next piece.
Moral beings
Consider the way the human mind operates in order to assimilate social conventions and develope morals.
It turns out that a specific single gene may protect its carrier against a variety of cancers.
And, have you imagined that Venus has also frequent bursts of lightning like we have on earth?

Attitudes toward women's roles in the family (percentage "agree" in nine South American countries):


Source: Gallup Poll.

December 5th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 219  
  Getting used to being sad
Sadness: a natural antidote

The next piece ponders on our capacity to feel sad and whether we aren't drugging away this treat. According to a new book, sadness may have an evolutionary purpose and it could even be good for us. In fact its authors explain how in the last couple of years sadness has been highly misdiagnosed as depression. Even though it's true there's a growing tendency to find clinical solutions to cultural issues, it seems risky to accept sorrow in a way that it turns into a somewhat chronic state. Besides, an evolutionist explanation falls short when it vindicates gloomy feelings just because they have "survived" time and stayed with us for so long. If our threshold of tolerance to sadness continues to be tinkered, this might damper the differentiation of the joyful states from the instances that are not.

  Strangers in their own lives
Need a Life? She’ll Arrange One

Need some help with the work-life balance? Maybe you are seeking some advice on real state or even on relationships. Then a personal manager or a life coach might be what you are looking for. In recent years, personal assistants who not only organize one's life, but also provide its clients with much more complex arrangements (like introducing them to their friends) have multiplied. Perhaps this sudden need for external assistance, this crave for quick-outsourced solutions, hints at a certain detachment from one's life, a silent intention of relocating the decision-making process outside the individual scope.

The coaching industry in America is growing by 18 per cent a year, and it is gradually permeating our financial and political institutions, too.

From the article"Life, sorted".

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