The business of liking people
Business and grief: not a good match. How are American media companies getting ready for the anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks? Answers ahead.

Here, a study on the huge amount of young people being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Read it next.

Scientists find hunger hormone.

A revolutionary cancer drug could be given to leukaemia sufferers.

Also, a study says aspirin may ward off pancreatic cancer.

Nice picture
In the future, passport photographs could hide data.
Arachnid habits
Check this new devise that gives you spider-skills.

The good son
Here's an interview to Night Shyamalan, exposing both insight and naivety, comments on the significance of success and family, and a recurrent feature: the paternal approval over the life paths chosen by the son.
And last but not least, it seems Britney is finally worn out, and Little Richard says he's had enough.
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   August 15th, Thursday, 2002, ip nº22
What about life odds?
Facing the hard facts about fertility

First, a report conducted by Times Magazine on the classical dichotomy "babies vs. career". It is basically a warning: "don't wait too long or you may regret it", loudly exposing that women run out of opportunities when they are over 35, and explaining the risks of in vitro fertilization and other therapies with big colorful graphics and detailed information.

Ok, ok, we get it…just a little piece of advice: there's no need to be so obvious.

Then, enjoy this article on the costs of starting a family at a young age. What strikes me the most of the piece is, as authors say, that one of the advantages of having children at a young age is that young mothers can offer to her child precisely vital time from her own life.
Good girls
It's Never Too Late to Be a Virgin

Check out this curious new fashion (primordially extended in the southern regions): brides-to-be who choose abstinence during the months previous to their wedding ceremony (although the majority have had premarital sex). They explain this will help them "clean their conscience and purify themselves" before taking the big step. Needless to say that, though many claim this move will also revitalize their sex life and allow them to try something different, experimentation is not the motivation here.
Steve, the daring?
"Now I dare walking different ways"

Afterwards, an interview to Steven Spielberg where he talks about his beliefs on self-determination and destiny (on account of his latest film Minority Report and its storyline), the future, the importance of family, and why he decided to finish his university studies.


Privacy Issues
Japanese authorities launch a compulsory national registry for its citizens.
Plus: good news for Internet snoopers, bad news for users. A flaw in encryption software allows private information to be read.
And Microsoft doesn't seem to be doing its homework.
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Then, US government pushes the envelope regarding assassination squads. Find out more.

Family Ads
If your are looking for a husband, then bear this in mind: tall men are likely to have more kids than their shorter contemporaries. Or so the CNN service news inform. So thank you guys, for publishing such a crucial piece of information!
To read more on conceptual nods to marriage in the media, go here.

Extra News
More on the clonation debate:

US let researchers use new lines on stem cells studies.

Skeptical voters may be allowed to vote for no one.
And more info on marital tendencies: women between their 30´s and 50´, both in Europe and the US, are choosing younger partners and delaying babies.