Causes and consequences
Bush proclaims Sept 11 "Patriot day". Plus info on American people's perception of "normality" and the terrorist attacks' consequences in the country and personal lives. Take a look at the poll here.
Panhandlers 02
You need money to support your child, buy clothes, or cure a disease..? Well, the Paypal system could solve at least a part of the problem. It's as simple as building your own website to promote your "cause" and then sit and wait for the money to come. Who said the web is useless?

Japanese system could help people partially paralyzed to move again.

Mammograms don't help women in their 40s, a new study reported, but hopefully science will be able to predict cancer's return.

More notes of the sudden irrelevance of stardom at the gates of paternity, and the amount of "realness" obtained, in the words of Al Pacino.
And then, the rap singer Ja Rule grants us with his particular philosophy of pain, sacrifice and love, about to retire from the music biz for good.
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Scientists are looking for a way to stop killer space rocks, and a bag might be the solution, some say.
An optical illusion could prove many planets believed to be orbiting are in fact a mere delusion. Check it out!

   September 12th, Thursday, 2002, ip nº25
That's just about right mister!
New 'State of the First Amendment' survey

Incredible but true: an annual study on the First Amendment found that many Americans consider they have "too much freedom" regarding certain rights. The hypothesis seems to be that American people visualize some of their liberties as possible impediments in the war against terrorism.

This consensus ultimately drafts a line between the people who embrace their individual liberties beyond any national purpose and the ones who doesn't, spotting one more time the conflict between individual and society as a whole. So where's the limit to what is considered "enough freedom"?
True romantic or total cynic?
Playing against type

Here, an interview to the lately part-time writer and bohemian Ethan Hawke. In it, he shares his thoughts on his possibly wasted career, marriage -and its property of leading you to authenticity and deep questions in life-, on the importance of living one day at a time, and his complicated relationship with his dad.

Notice this: the reporter insists on calling Hawke an inevitable romantic, despite the fact that he says he thinks long-term projection of marriage can make you feel “trapped”. And then he describes one of his book’s favorite parts, when the characters realize they love each other after a near-death experience. I’m sorry, but if that is romantic then what a twisted idea of love we have!
Guilt of life
New York fireman is the new American hero

Afterwards an article on American people's admiration towards the firemen who helped in the Sept 11 terrorist attacks, to the point of considering them personal heroes and role models to follow. The piece is about the burden of being considered a hero and the survivor's guilt feelings because he's still alive. It also shows the exultation of values like family and everyday work as a part of the profession, and the rising popularity of this kind of job.
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Newsweek Magazine.

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USA seeks approval for pre-emptive actions:
United States continues to assert a right to launch pre-emptive strikes against any state that could put weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists. However, any resolution could set a dangerous precedent.

Privacy Issues
We have seen GPS system locate children in recently, but microchips implanted under the skin… Haven't this gone too far?
And China blocks Google access for its subversive content. I wonder what they will block out next?
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Music Industry News:
Music biz unveiled another strategy to reduce digital copies: a new CD format called Data Play digital media.
And say goodbye to Napster

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are saying mothers may have a big impact on girls' sex life, and while boys aren't influenced by mom's opinion, guilt and frightening warnings seem to work with daughters.
Plus a survey on drug use among young adults.
And TV is no longer working for political advertisement. Campaign managers are now embracing telephone calls and door to door tours.
Finally a special report on highly educated women whose professional careers was postponed by maternity, causing dissatisfaction, says a new study on female graduates.