Anyone could turn into somebody
We've seen tv shows about wannabe singers, actors, even models; so why can't there be one about possible presidential candidates? Fox is about to launch a reality show called "American Candidate", whose catch is to select a TV-endorsed potential president, under the claim (like most American proudly like to say) that any regular guy can become president.

A new technique called "adoptive transfer" significantly reduces melanoma tumors.

Also a close-knit population has provided clues for colorectal cancer prediction.

News on diabetes cure. An experimental therapy, called "islet cell transplantation", could lead the way to ease diabetes patientsī daily life.

Finally, researchers in the United Kingdom have found that married couples are at risk of developing the same diseases.

Beck, posing as cool as he can (still in this post-break up vulnerable phase), speaks his mind on the very appealing rock and roll decadency, and above all on his commitment to his music rather than to show biz.
Then Aaron Lewis explains how he deals with the expectations of him writing a grungelike, somber album (in the line of its predecessors), along with his recent paternity and success.
And Xuxa says yes to kids, but not to marriage. Check it out!
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   September 27th, Friday, 2002, ip nš27
To enjoy living with the gaps
I'll be there for you

Here, an article on the joy and bitterness of friendship, a deconstruction that intends to analyze the new role of friends as a possible substitute for marriage and family, though it seems that we are always filling some empty space or another. The piece is also about ripping the romantic veil off friendship once and for all. Or at least that's what the writer tries to say before succumbing to the corniest arguments. However, there are some interesting questions such as why it is so hard to be critical regarding our relationships, and why we can't share time with the people we actually want without any compromise or inertia.
Time to let it go
When the music stops

After, Eminem -the successful white rapper boy- digs in his career ambitions and family life. A man who worships his little daughter, defends hard work, and "home, sweet home", and only asks for respect and recognition as an artist. A man who says paternity saved his life but who rejects marriage, and whose conflictive past did not only make him a cynic as to relationships, but also predisposed him in a certain way to deal with his life (the latter reflected in his lyrics and his trade-mark resentment).

I would even dare to say that Eminemīs bigger trouble may not be the many lawsuits he has been brought against, but the unequivocal path he follows, predetermined by his past family and life experiences.
You have to work it out!
What's the big idea?

And finally, if you ever wonder how creative minds work, the following piece may be of interest to you. So take a look at this essay; not only does it explain what the inspiration and elaboration processes really are about, but it also proposes that creativity can be consciously learned and that we may all have undiscovered and wasted talents. The biggest and most defying step, however, is to take those potentialities and seize them. Perhaps this is the key, and not just for creative matters.
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Appeared in CNN.

Privacy Issues
The International Airport of Boston will instal scanners to check the authenticity of driver's licenses and passports, and generate its own lists, in the way to a national ID.
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On Clonation
California backs embryonic stem cell research, defying the restriction introduced by the government earlier this year, and opening many doors for disease stem-cell treatments.
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Cultural Maffia
U.S. lawmakers are up to make standard televisions and VCRs obsolete within five years, requiring broadcasters to switch to digital copy-protected signals by a new law, which endangers consumers' rights.
Plus, Kazaa finds an ally and gains legitimacy.

Extra News
On the euthanasia debate:
Belgium is the second country in the world whose government legalizes euthanasia.

Italian astronomers have found signs of water in distant planets.
And the whole universe could end with a big cosmic crunch, ten billions years from now, scientists say.

Afterwards news sites, the firsts on workers' interests, relegate pornography, gambling, or even shopping sites in web site ratings.