Tuesday, 21st August, 2001

My cocoon and I

"I had to rebuild it all"
I truly don't understand artists, they are always hiding themselves, buying private islands, seeking tranquility and saying all they want is to be normal...well perhaps they should have thought about it before.
Link: Click here to read about this
And then look at this, here's an article about the huge quantity of stars suffering from burnouts, depressions and even nudity fits!...So where's the glamour and excitement?
Can I leave first?

" Bush: Too Far or Not Far Enough "
I’ve never thought of seeing such a denial of possibilities for life in general, I mean the US government’s measures seems to limit almost on purpose the prolongation of human life. I have to ask, what are they afraid of?
And check this out, it would appear as if this people struggle to extend life, when the life itself has reduced possibilities…
The perfect distraction

"R.E.M., Pearl Jam heading to Seattle to help hunger "
Don't you ever consider that perhaps putting a few bands playing in some rainy place of the hemisphere, for a so called noble cause, it's as useful as it is trying to think things in a non individual way…
Link: http://www.cnn.com/2001/WorldBeat/08/09/groundwork.2001/