Almost dead
Two British scientists are seeking to carry out a study to discover whether clinically dead people really have out-of-body experiences. Seemingly some dead patients, after being resuscitated, recall near-death experiences for years. Too "Flatliners" like? Check it out.
The language of the terrorists
It seems US' intelligence probably wouldn't recognize a foreign terrorist threat because they don't know the languages commonly spoken. Apparently there's a severe shortage of employees in that area. Oh, ok, just let us know when you are ready.
Trying to be cool part 2
Then to the shame of American young kids, corporate America and the media, eager to hook a young crowd, are using "lingo from the streets" and hip-hop culture. Find out how they are doing.

US researchers have come up with a nasal spray that could offer some relief from premenstrual syndrome, depression, panic attacks and social phobia.
Heart surgery in the womb is making incredible progress.
Plus, it's not what you eat but how you cook it what makes food cause heart diseases.
And measuring a certain protein in a tumor could help predicting whether breast cancer is likely to spread.

Afterwards, a semi-retired Bowie may continue to make music but he won't promote it with tours or interviews, so as to be around to raise his two-year-old daughter.
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Too good for me - I can't take it any more
Gates Says He's Giving It Away

Take a look at this story on Bill Gates' reaffirmed habit of spending his fortune on philanthropic projects instead of leaving it to his children. He claims he feels his wealth should "return" to society and he also explains that it wouldn't be constructive for his children to inherit it. This seemed interesting to me because it showed, first, a great amount of guilt, second, a certain self-diminution and of his efforts, and third, there's this idea of making your kids learn to progress by themselves. All this makes money and their privileged situation their private taboo. It would appear that money, as anything that opens such an enormous range of possibilities, disrupts people's minds because it makes them realize the freedom ahead. I mean, that would freak anyone, wouldn't it?
A comeback to traditionalism
J Lo The rock and the block

Next, an interview to Jennifer Lopez on the launch of her latest album and a quick visit to the neighborhood of her childhood, where she displays her (eagerly consumed) image of down to earth artist and homegirl. The whole piece emphasizes the importance of keeping faithful to your roots and family, and tries to show a dichotomy (between the image of wealthy pop star and the simple and family girl) that doesn't really exist, since almost everybody praises the "identity pack". However, there should be more than a commercial move behind this discourse: maybe a form of reconciliation with the past, and maybe the acceptance of a certain kind of life.
The things I hate to have: a story about traveling and making friends
My life for sale

And finally the story of a man who many would consider to have made it, but who, tired of his life, decided to embark himself in a rather unusual quest. He made his possessions responsible for the boredom and dissatisfaction in his life, and decided to sell them through the internet only to travel the world afterwards to reunite them. Find out what this man has to share; see how, although he may have got wrong the cause of his unhappiness, he might have made other discoveries - perhaps just what he was looking for. Sometimes it's not things what you must let go.

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Check the wartime government campaign, whose slogan is 'Protect and survive'.
And the English government presents a controversial new antisocial behavior bill to cut the social security benefits of tearaway's parents.

Privacy Issues
AOL and other official enterprises are moving into the instant-messaging monitoring arena.
And the internet-filtering debate opens up one more time between free speech advocates and parents protecting their children from online smut.
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Family Ads
A study says married women enjoy better sex.
And the Church of England finally gave its blessing to the remarriage of divorced people in church.
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Extra News
Featuring more information on the current University scene:
According to a special study, unemployment among graduates is on the increase, proving that in nowadays changing panorama degrees don't fit as they used to.

Glow worm biotechnology could be the key to future discoveries.
And new evidence that proves dark energy rules the universe.

Half of London street crime is believed to be linked to cocaine use. Read it next.