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Barbie was banned from Russia along with other Western toys for contaminating Russian young minds. The move is part of the Kremlin's attempts to impose a certain sense of identity, and ideals of family and patriotism on young Russians.
Is there anything worse than treason? There is.
It seems that jealousy for copyright has gone too far, most precisely at the U.S. Naval Academy, where about 100 midshipmen who had pirated movies and music could be facing punishment before a court-martial.

Folic acid, the key to reducing heart attack risk, a study suggests.
Eating peanut butter or nuts several times a week may ward off diabetes.
Needles could be useful for treating migraines.
And finally some medical myths unraveled next.

First, add another artist on the verge of breakdown to the list: Whitney Houston confesses drug abuse.
Then, how conditioned by money issues or family approval are artists when facing new projects? If you were wondering just how independent your favorite actor is, take a quick look at this piece.
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   December 6th, Friday, 2002, ip nº35
Do you know why you are here?
Happy people live longer

Scientists have discovered that when it comes to making our life longer it's not only sport and healthy feeding that count, but also a good mood and a state of satisfaction, and most of all, having a purpose in life. Just that simple and yet complicated. So take a look at this mini compilation of articles that emphasize this hypothesis.

First, a study on how bad mood shortens people's life, and what hopes we can have in this regard.
Plus the importance of, so to speak, having an agenda.
Composition: 100% natural
The angel's chronicles

Indeed, if there is something Santana is not, that's supernatural. And not just because he's a humble and nice man (as the writer and himself continuously stress), but simply because there's nothing beyond natural or normal in his life choices and idiosyncrasy. Santana reflects all the clichés of art people, he's an exaggeratedly rooted person who has decided to confront his past (only thanks to his love for his wife and kids), and believes in art's redemptive message. As for "the people's hidden powers" he preaches about, there should be more human qualities to exalt and aspire to than goodness. Otherwise we'll all be just the same.
Keep on moving
Keeping up appearances

And finally an article on what it means to age, in a cultural sense, or more specifically, to turn 40. The writing intends to deal with some myths and notions such as the indefectible association of wisdom with the aging process, the alleged feeling of peace and freedom achieved with maturity -as if at that age one could finally let oneself go-, and gives ideas on how to revert regrets while getting older and the urge to continue to have vital experiences. The answer to the latter question, according the author (a self-proclaimed independent woman) is figuring out what to do with our time.

Appeared in CNN.

More on the US paranoia and people's general disposition.
And pilots could be armed any time now.

Privacy Issues
US colleges are seeking to stop the torrent of unauthorized digital media files, in order to stem university piracy.

Human clonation: the race has begun?
Italian fertility expert promises cloned human baby in January.
Biologists are debating whether to test human embryonic stem cells in a living animal, in order to treat specific diseases.
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Have you ever imagined delivering messages, or even cremating remains on?? the moon? Well, now you can actually consider it.
Plus, efforts to create commercial spacecraft for space tourism continue.

Peek on Chinese suicide rates (making suicide the No. 5 cause of death in the country).
Also some info on the rising stress and mental-health problems among college students.
The number of single females buying their own home has more than doubled in the last 10 years, next.
Finally, a survey that measures the importance of the Internet for Europeans.