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Someone like me, but far away from here
Which are your thoughts on parallel universes? Do you ever think that you could have an alter-ego down there, even if it's totally irrelevant? The simplest and most popular cosmological model today predicts that you have a twin in a galaxy about 10 to the 1028 meters ? from here. Check it out!

Does time really pass more slowly when you are wheezing for a cigarette? Smokers who are deprived of cigarettes seem to have an altered perception of time. Read it next!
A genetically altered common cold virus could be of use in treating brain tumors.
Read on the emotional and physiological rewards of exercise.
Plus, it turns out that even decades after a woman gives birth she can still have cells from her children. Scientists are trying to know whether these foreign cells are good, bad or irrelevant for a person's health.
Finally take a look at the physical benefits of meditation.

Take a close look at some of comments by Bruce Willis on loneliness, marriage and children and how his brother's death has affected him.
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  May 15th, Thursday, 2003, ip nº40
Is my memory changing or am I just growing?
Not-so total recall

A new study proposes that long-term memory is in fact a myth, suggesting memory is more dynamic than we previously thought. This is a really cool hint to hold, because in a culture that considers memory to be so attached to what one is, it seems more suitable to human complexity and possibilities to have an ever-changing and impressionable memory. Perhaps memory is that volatile because people are meant to change, because what we were/did yesterday shouldn't have so much relevance today. Maybe the crucial data is contained within our present lives, it's just a matter of paying enough attention to it.
Afterwards an article on the quest to track down "Melungeons"'s descendents throughout USA, and the expectations behind the search. What's interesting to see is the common association of persona aspects and an origin or a race.
The laws that mold us
Controversial decision by the civil court

Then take a look at the following article about the refusal of an Argentinean tribunal to grant an association of swingers legal status. This is useful to denote the close minded requirements States demand to create non-profit organizations, something indispensable in almost any project you choose to develop collectively. The controversial issue: that the proposals must tend to the public welfare unequivocally. Nice way to stimulate charity, voluntarism, self victimization, general symmetry, and an hegemonic state where the priorities are beyond discussion… am I forgetting anything?
Here more data on the requirements needed in order to become a non-profit organizations in USA and Canada.
Adaptation vs Creation
Personality changes throughout life

Peek on this small research that proposes people's personalities aren't defined by the age of 30, contrary to popular and professional beliefs, and that actually the more significant changes can occur after this milestone. An interesting fact that expands on the idea of mobility and change in people's lives, and sheds positivism on that particular life stage, though the results of the study (which are quite representative of the current lifestyle) may suggest just the opposite - that things are more or less narrowed down by our thirties. Either way, the article leaves an open window explaining that there's a thin line between social influence and self-nurturing in developing personality.

Appeared in The Globe and Mail.

Here you'll find more data on the Chinese government's campaign to transform medical staff and volunteers into martyrs, and the benefits it's granting to reward all the people sacrificing themselves for their country.
On professional formation:
After, more than two in every five newly-qualified doctors believe their medical training did not fully prepare them for their jobs, according to a new study out last week.

Music News:
Apple's new iTunes, a music-buying software that can also be used to access other people's collections on the Net, is causing some stir among music labels and publishers.

Privacy Issues
The FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) got a record number of searches and wiretap orders granted in 2002, consolidating the dangeruos trend of becoming a main tool in governamental investigations.
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Ready, steady, go! Exploration Rovers are ready to go Mars any moment now.
Inspired by a recent Hollywood movie, scientists are evaluating the possibility to explore the center of the earth, though they are still, so to speak, in the first drafts.
Next, the results of an experiment revealed a new kind of matter called "dusty plasma".

Female graduates aren't having babies; the office for national statistics says they are 50% more likely than non-graduates to remain childless.
And some facts on marriage, love and living together around the world.