Trust, indispensable for bonding?
Here's an investigation on why we trust, with studies on human social interaction both in relation to markets, and regarding monogamy and maternal love, where the human "trust chemical" oxytocin is believed to play a fundamental role in awakening maternal care and sexual pair-bonding.
They don't fire us the way they used to
A Sydney traffic controller sued his former employer for unfair dismissal, based on the fact that he was sacked via mobile phone text message. Aren't we over-reacting to the technological enhancement in our everyday lives?

Check out a new medical gadget: the "electronic nose", which can detect the scent of diseases, from bacterial infections to lung cancer, guarantying solutions in a sob!
Alzheimer's vaccine shows promise.
Afterwards data on how exercise may improve the life quality of breast cancer survivors.

Extra News
> On Marijuana's medical use:
Australia's most populous state has announced plans to legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
> On the after-morning pill:
The morning after pill could go over the counter. Nonetheless bureaucratic and economic issues are the main obstacles for women to get it.
> On Euthanasia:
A court in Australia has been considering evidence regarding what could be a "landmark case" on whether the artificial feeding of a terminal patient should be withdrawn.

  May 22nd, Thursday, 2003, ip n║41
The Stardown
Life in the Bust Belt

Here's an article that tries to issue what life in the post-collapse Silicon Valley would be like. And it's an interesting piece because it reflects a novel consciousness on the transcendence of one's job in one's life, but at the same time it shows a new model of resigned - too quiet people whose goal (perhaps in the absence of any real aspirations of their own) seems to be to contribute to a "greater good", and to settle down as much as possible. A nice metaphor of what happens beyond the limits of Silicon Valley, because not only do these people seem to be reacting to a "cannibalistic economic scheme", or the adrenaline of startups, they are also gently desisting from change, and from asking themselves how experience life in a richer way.
Life, part II
Life does go on, and for many it's surprisingly sweet

Afterwards take a look at this study which explains that while many people view widowhood as the start of a prolonged period of grieving and suffering (which sometimes could lead to the acceleration of death), scientists have now found out that may not always be the case, and even after the death of a spouse people can move on and have fulfilling lives. Which is stimulating, because it makes us understand the importance of having our own projects and dreams (besides sharing our lives with someone else), and also in certain circumstances it could be read as the possibility of reencountering with some lost liberties.
Deconstructing our working lives
College Graduates Lower Sights In Today's Stagnant Job Market

To end with, a story on the climate of discouragement and fear that has come upon US youth, partly due to their economic panorama. And if in some point the crisis could prove useful as it opens the field for other options than college in the design of a subsistence scheme, and it challenges the supremacy of the university model, the bad news is that it is also creating a trauma around job search. The visible result so far is that having a job has become the ultimate goal in life, apparently.
Plus, more info on the so-called culture of "24/7", and some thoughts on what it means to identify with your company. Nonetheless, blaming technology for the invasion of private time or spiritual emptiness sounds just lame. On the other hand, it is important to analyze the take over of work in our lives, but I doubt the answer is "preserving the boundaries of home", and creating a refuge from the outside world.

Appeared in The Globe and Mail (Canada).

> Showbiz News:
It appears Napster is backů
Plus watch out! Disney attempts to fight piracy and boost DVD sales by using mission impossible-like DVDs. Just hope they won't blow up in their face.

Privacy Issues
A recent report describes how messages critical of the Chinese regime tend to be purged from chat rooms.
Reconnaissance satellite images have become so easy to obtain that governments can't wait to put their hands on them.
And the Justice Dept. releases the lists of faculties used to fight terror.
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More data on the "new families"
(contemporary alternatives to the common family model), and marital tendencies.
After, peek on the blog's and bloggers' world, a tech-craze whose scope includes from teens to mid-thirties and so, and whose main attraction seems to be that it opens a window to someone's everyday life.
And next, America embraces broadband as the number of Americans connected to broadband increased by 50%.

Then, Nicole Kidman says she wants a different life than that which stardom brings along, which is consuming and which would gradually fail to allow her to "fall in love and settle down".
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