Exchanging dippers for glamour?
Sex & the City is no longer what it used to be, or at least that's what young viewers say, having been turned off partly because of changes in the plotline (with characters facing maternity). Nonetheless the show seems totally coherent with the perspectives of older women concerned with having babies.
Rich guys
Take a quick reality bath, and look at the surprising facts on the number of millionaires recently incorporated to Europe's richest people group; also check out what things are really worthwhile to one of the richest men alive.

New once-a-day pill may cut heart attacks in 80% of the cases.
Then, check out the advantages of the Mediterranean diet.
Read on bacteriophage therapy, here.
Plus, childbirth pain can give mothers the 'war stress' illness.
And mitochondrial disease offers new hints on the aging process.

  July 3rd, Thursday, 2003, ip nš46
Magical friction
Scientists: Opposites don't attract

A new study on dating behavior says that according to recent evidence opposite characters don't attract, or at least that's not what people look for in a romantic relationship. The article explains that when it comes to choosing a partner, people select a person who is similar -or they believe is similar- to themselves. Furthermore, this is a key element to bring stability and make the couple last. A nice note on people's drive to make things easier, as they are cautious enough to avoid the very state of confrontation with the world which poses an infinite number of challenges -in which lies, in a way, the meaning of being alive.
Link: http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/science/07/01/potentials.attract/index.html
More coverage on this piece of news.
Link: http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99993887
Partying, drinking herb tea, and getting a higher level of consciousness
The New Age of Rave

Afterwards, get to know more about a new trend, the "New Age raves," an underground movement where electronic music marathons, yoga and even chants seem to converge. A place where former rave junkies, tired of the unhealthy ways of conventional raves, yogis and common people reunite to experience a sense of community and celebrate life in what is perceived as a grim scenery. This fashion would seem to support not only this rather negative and unproductive perception of our time (and individual possibilities), but also the pursuing of a spiritual sanctuary where people can find solace and bond with others who are in the same state of disenchant.

Appeared in Times Magazine.

Cultural Ads
On the demand of the state's recognition and the reproduction of conventional life models:
US gay men and lesbians are pushing for same-sex marriages, while there's already another buzz: the gay families boom.
And Britain recognized "civil partnerships" for lesbian and gay couples.

> Featuring more information on the singleton phenomena:
Here, data on people living on their own in the city of Bs As.

In addition, more info on today's sexless couples.
And an updated look at the increasing online dating craze. Read it next.

SARS from the stars?
Going beyond recognizable frontiers: more on dark matter and dark energy.
Lastly, new facts on Mars' geography boosts life search.